Alexandria Newborn Photos – Baby Theo

Alexandria newborn photos

It’s always a beautiful thing to watch someone you’ve known for years become a parent. The transformation is immediate and complete, and as a non-parent (to human children – Milli counts as my furbaby! haha), it’s so interesting to witness. Such was the case with getting to see Maddy as a new mother to baby Theo when we took his … Read More

Dreary Monday – Fun Monday

dreary Monday

Happy Monday loves! It’s a dreary Monday here in the D.C. metro area, so I’ll try to keep this Fun Monday update nice & cheery! A little literary sunshine, if you will 🙂 I had a busy, productive weekend & frankly could use a little rest on this Monday, but I’m powering through! Let’s go! I kicked off my weekend … Read More

Jungle Zip Lining – Dance Adventures

jungle zip lining

After my trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures, I’ve been rethinking how I consider myself a not very adventurous person. The day I went jungle zip lining made me rethink exactly who I think I am! I came to realize after a couple minor adventures throughout the week that experiencing something physically & mentally challenging far outside your … Read More

Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies – Wedding Wednesday

unplugged wedding ceremonies

Today I’m making the case for unplugged wedding ceremonies. True, having cell phone cameras or iPads in the frame of any photograph is a pet peeve of pretty much every wedding photographer. But the case I’ll make today is about so much more than that. You’ve set aside a certain amount of money to fund your wedding. Or your mom … Read More

Two Love Birds – Nicole & Ryan

two love birds

I remember hearing about Nicole, Ryan’s new girlfriend, from our friend Lauren a few years ago. Ryan sent Lauren a text the evening we were all having happy hour together at our favorite neighborhood spot. The text went something like, “Nicole is getting there before me. Be nice to her.” Haha! Lauren is the friendliest person on the planet, so … Read More

Easter Monday – Fun Monday

Easter Monday

Happy Easter Monday y’all! (Is that even a thing?) Well, it’s the Monday after Easter Sunday & whew! did I have a busy weekend! I’d love to hear about your Easter Sunday in the comments! Tell me: how many Peeps did you eat? What did the Easter Bunny bring you? How was the weather where you are? I kicked off … Read More

Las Terrenas – Dance Adventures

Las Terrenas

Last week I told you the day we went to El Limon waterfall was my favorite day of our trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures. I showed you photos from our drive through Samana & our trek through the jungle on hourseback to the waterfall. Well, our day didn’t end after our delicious lunch after our trip to … Read More

Why To Plan Your Wedding Around Magic Hour

plan your wedding around magic hour

If you love natural light photography, trust me: you need to plan your wedding around magic hour. That appears to be a pretty bold, self-serving statement. I’m suggesting you plan your entire wedding, one of the most important events of your life, around one thing. The thing I happen to be most passionate about – photography. But hear me out. … Read More

National Mall Engagement Photos – Kandis & Daniel

National Mall engagement photos

I’m excited to share with you these National Mall engagement photos! When I met Kandis & her now fiance, Daniel, they weren’t yet engaged. But I actually thought they were already married! That is how in sync and tight their connection is. They give off a vibe of unity, of closeness and security. So I was surprised when Kandis contacted me … Read More

Air of Love – Fun Monday

air of love

My weekend definitely had an air of love about it. I had the honor of photographing three gorgeous couples, from Alexandria to the Mall in D.C. The weather was perfect for spending so much time outside, which I definitely enjoyed after being home sick for almost two weeks! I’d say this weekend was actually the perfect mix of work & … Read More