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Las Terrenas

Las TerrenasLast week I told you the day we went to El Limon waterfall was my favorite day of our trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures. I showed you photos from our drive through Samana & our trek through the jungle on hourseback to the waterfall. Well, our day didn’t end after our delicious lunch after our trip to the falls. Today I’ll tell you about our time in Las Terrenas.

After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves with fried fish, fresh salad, rice & beans, and tostadas (can you tell I’m writing this while I’m hungry?!), we needed dessert. Our driver, Pedro, took us into Las Terrenas to a gelato shop! We were able to get out of the heat, slow down for a few moments, & enjoy the tasty gelato together. It was the perfect icing to the cake of our day 🙂

On the drive to the gelato shop, we couldn’t help but gawk at the miles of beach & turquoise waters we saw from our van windows. Pedro let us know we had some time to spare after the gelato shop before we had to head back to the Dominican Tree House Village for dinner at 7:30. We could either shop in the town of Las Terrenas or go to the beach. We opted to stop at the beach, and OMG am I glad we did!

Once we arrived at the beach & covertly changed into our bathing suits in our makeshift dressing rooms (i.e. a towel held up around us by a friend!), we made our way into the sparkling blue water to cool off. It was the kind of afternoon Caribbean vacations are made of: secluded white sandy beach, gentle waves, clear water, peace, and quiet.

To top off the beach vacation feel, Pedro made us coco locos! How to make a Coco Loco:

  1. Cut off the top of your coconut with a machete.
  2. Pour dark rum into the coconut.
  3. Drink the delectable, light concoction straight from the coconut. No straw needed.

I took my coconut straight into the water & enjoyed rolling with the waves as I sipped my Coco Loco, all the while hoping heaven is

We only had about a half an hour to stay at the beach, so we packed it up & headed back to the Tree House, leaving parts of our hearts in the turquoise waters of Las Terrenas. Las Terrenas Las Terrenas Las TerrenasLas TerrenasLas TerrenasLas TerrenasLas TerrenasLas TerrenasLas Terrenas

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