Hence why I’m a photographer! And if you want to see me at my happiest, look no further than behind my camera during magic hour. There’s seriously always a smile on my face in that situation!

In the pursuit of wanting to have that smile on my face as often as possible, I started this business of mine seven years ago, and then left my day job as a government contractor four years ago to do photography full time. Working as a DoD contractor for twelve years helped me bring a unique perspective to the creative world: I'm super Type A as well as creative - I get to experience and share the best of both worlds!

I'm the kind of person who loves to sleep in and still has a better day when my bed is made. I love spending time outside just as much as I love cozying up on the couch (Netflix is my co-worker!). I love to decorate my house and at the same time keep it super tidy - everything has its place! I can zen out in a salt bath, and can keep my inbox organized within an inch of its life. I'm here to give you a super organized and still fun experience! It's how I live my life and I'm excited to share it with you!

I value beauty and want to take it along with me...

A friend described me as the type of person who you’re talking to as you’re walking, and you look over to find me 30 paces back taking a photo of a flower. That sums me up pretty well!

Meet Rachel


I'm so glad you're here! Whether you're a newly engaged couple or wanting to capture this moment in time, it'll be great to hear all about it!


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Snuggling with my yorkipoo, Milli. She really makes my life sweeter! Proud pup mom here!

Decorating my house. I like my environment to be beautiful and zen, and it’s fun for me to create that vibe. My current color palette includes lots of white, mixed metals, light blues, and neutral tones.

Soaking up salty air and sunshine at the beach. It’s so peaceful and Milli loves it too! 

Eating or cooking! I love to try new food, make classic recipes a little healthier, and my fav show is Top Chef. 

Reading - I love reading books about how I can up-level my business and life.


I’m ready to celebrate with you! Send me a note so we can discuss the details of your big day or how I can document this exciting new phase of your life.