El Limón Waterfall – Dance Adventures

El Limón waterfall

It’s hard to play favorites with the days & activities we experienced while in the Dominican Republic for our Dance Adventures trip, but I have to say – the day we traveled to El Limón waterfall was at the tippy top of my list. If I’m being honest, it’s probably at the tippy top of my list of favorite days in … Read More

Georgetown Wedding Reception – Colleen & Chris


When I first spoke with Colleen about the vision for her wedding, she started by telling me about this event. She said she and her fiancé wanted a big party! She didn’t even want to refer to it as a reception, so from then on, we called it a wedding party. Today on the blog, the story of Colleen & … Read More

D.C. Cherry Blossoms Family Photos

D.C. cherry blossoms family photos

From what I’ve seen, the cherry blossoms are still going strong! With peak bloom about a week ago, they are starting to fade a little, but if you ask me, all of the pink petals on the ground just adds to the beauty they bestow on us! I’m excited to share my last D.C. cherry blossoms family photos of the season … Read More

Rest Day – Fun Monday

rest day

Happy Monday, friends! This is a happy Monday for me because I’m feeling a smidge better after being sick all last week. I chose to take a rest day on Friday & Sunday in order to finally kick this sickness once & for all, and I think it worked! Or at least, is in the works… I’ve learned to listen when … Read More