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jungle zip lining

jungle zip liningAfter my trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures, I’ve been rethinking how I consider myself a not very adventurous person. The day I went jungle zip lining made me rethink exactly who I think I am!

I came to realize after a couple minor adventures throughout the week that experiencing something physically & mentally challenging far outside your comfort zone really teaches you who you are and what you’re capable of. That’s kind of the point of these Dance Adventure trips, if you ask me.

Jungle zip lining was probably the most adventurous thing we did on our trip! We started the day fairly early, hiking to the top of a mountain. A hike that left us winded & panting (or was that just me?!). I was so proud of myself for making it that far! Then all of a sudden got nervous to realize, yep, we were supposed to leap off the ‘plank’ of the pirate ship at the top of this mountain.

I kept telling myself that I’d handled a lot of adventure throughout the week thus far & everything had turned out wonderfully! I was learning to trust my instincts, trust in the larger plan, and trust in those around me. Such big lessons!

Despite my self pep talks, my fear must have been obvious enough that one of the trip leaders, Megan, offered to go with me on the first few jumps. I don’t think I was able to agree fast enough! haha Another lesson: admit when you need help! Megan & I got linked together & soon walked right off the plank into thin, mountain air! We zipped across the longest, highest line & landed safely in the arms of one of the tree house zip line operators. It was amazing!

Eventually Megan & I did solo jungle ziplining & it was so fun! By the end, I wished it wasn’t over & wanted to go again… if it weren’t for that hike at the beginning!

Check back next week to see the fun we had at the bottom of the jungle zip lining, swimming around in the waterfall pool at the Dominican Tree House Village!

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