Running a Values Based Business – An In-Focus Unfolding

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Welcome to the first informative post in my new series An In-Focus Unfolding. Today I’m sharing how easy it is to run a values based business! Before I started working with a business coach, I never really thought about ‘values’ – in life, much less a values based business! I mean, most of us are probably living according to our values … Read More

D.C. Cherry Blossoms Maternity Session

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There’s something about a D.C. cherry blossoms maternity session that just seems so apropos. The beautiful blossoms signify spring, a rebirth of seasons, and that’s so easily translates to celebrating the impending birth of a new baby. I was so excited when Tika contacted me to set up her maternity session at the D.C. cherry blossoms this winter! All we … Read More

D.C. Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session

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I mentioned on Instagram the other day that although I don’t consider myself a super girlie girl (or shallow!), I absolutely love taking photos of flowers and diamonds! Maybe that is the little bit of girlie that exists inside me! So pair that with my love for photographing couples and this D.C. cherry blossoms engagement session is basically my photography … Read More

An In-Focus Unfolding – A New Series

in-focus unfolding, La Terranea Resort, La Terranea, waterfront view, Pacific Ocean, vacation spots, honeymoon locations, turquoise waters, foreground

Happy Friday! In my last Friday post (here) I explained how I’m going to be sharing something new, something fresh. I’ve been struggling with what to name this series because the truth is the stuff I’m going to share is all a part of a journey that’s still unfolding – an in-focus unfolding if you will. And how do you … Read More

Classic Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

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Cori and Rich’s love story began in a somewhat unexpected place. You go to work everyday expecting to do a good job, please your boss, BE the boss, maybe make some friends. I don’t think most people go to work thinking they’re going to meet their future spouse! But Cori and Rich defied the unexpected – they fell in love … Read More

St. Michaels Surprise Proposal

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With the job I have, I get to see a lot of lucky ladies. And to all the single ladies out there, this post should give you hope that there are some really decent, sweet, and extremely thoughtful gentlemen still out there! Josh pulled off the most thoughtful St. Michaels surprise proposal at the Inn at Perry Cabin this past … Read More

Big Weekend – Fun Monday

big weekend, Washington Monument, cherry blossoms, DC cherry blossoms, spring photo, spring in DC, pink flowers, pink blooms, pink cherry blossoms

I am literally typing this post when Fun Monday is almost over! It’s 8:45PM and I’m finally sitting down to type it up! Today, much like the rest of my weekend, has been busy in the best way! It takes days and a big weekend like this to remind me how lucky I am to get to do what I … Read More

Something Fresh – Final Title Pending

La Terranea, ocean views, waterfront, California coastline, Pacific Ocean, turquoise waters, something fresh

You may be wondering what the heck I’m doing posting on a Friday. I never do that. Well I’ll tell you what the heck I’m doing! I’m starting something fresh – a new blog series! Woot woot! I’ve had this passion project swirling around my head and on my heart in one way or another for some time, and it finally … Read More

Weekend Wrap Up – Fun Monday

weekend wrap up, Arlington, Virginia family photographer, one year old, baby girl, plaid dress, cream cardigan, family photos style, baby girl style, blue moccasins, winter baby girl outfit

Happy Monday! It’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me here on the blog (I’ve still been pretty active on Insta Stores (here) in case you ever miss me!), but it’s another Fun Monday and I’m back at it today with a weekend wrap up! I had a pretty fun and productive weekend and I hope you did … Read More

Detoxed – Fun Monday

detoxed, downtown Annapolis, winter weekend, winter days, American flag, Annapolis

It’s that day of the week! The fun one! Fun Monday! This Fun Monday is all about how I’m now good and detoxed, haha! I took some time off last week to do a little detox – for the benefit of work, my liver, my brain, and my eye balls. Keep reading to figure out what the heck I’m talking … Read More