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Today’s blog post might make you want to take a professional photographer with you on beach vacations from now on. Just sayin’. The folks who traveled to the Dominican Republic for our Dance Adventures trip might have felt like I was doing them a favor by taking some quick headshots, but little did they know […]

Lately I’ve been exploring the notion that everything happens as it’s supposed to, according to a predestined plan dreamed up by the universe. I see examples of this in my everyday life & when I hear stories like Colleen & Chris’s, it strengthens that belief even further. I was honored to be a part of […]

If you’ve been following me on Instagram & Facebook (and if you haven’t, follow me here & here!), you will know that I’ve been super pumpedĀ for peak bloom of the cherry blossoms! It’s like a holiday in the D.C. area! There was so much more anticipation this year because the weather played a little trick […]

My alarm went off this morning & the first thing I thought was, “what day is it? Why is my alarm going off?! It’s the weekend!!” But no, no it’s not the weekend anymore. I could definitely use more weekend, but I’m actually happy today is Monday & the start of a fresh week! Last […]

I recently had the honor of photographing a fundraising event for a wonderful non-profit who works in Arlington & Alexandria, Virgina. Offender Aid & Restoration, or OAR, works with past offenders prior to and after their release from the criminal justice system. They do wonderful work in our community & I was excited to be […]

I never thought I’d use the term ‘tree house nights’, but here we are! haha I spent five nights in the jungle during my Dance Adventures trip to the Dominican Republic last month, and not only were they peaceful & quiet, they were fun! Today I’m sharing with you photos from our tree house nights […]

Happy Monday, friends, and more importantly, happy first day of spring! I’ve been waiting six months for this day & am glad it’s finally arrived! I ended up spending the last days of winter with a free weekend after my cherry blossom sessions were postponed due to the snow storm we had last week & […]

I’m excited to share the photos from Daniela & Steve’s Leesburg wedding with you today! It was a beautiful winter day last Saturday when they tied the knot at the quaint Weddings On Wirt. The sun was shining & the air was a little chilly, but the atmosphere inside thisĀ adorable venue in historic Leesburg, VA, […]

It’s time for another Dance Adventures Dominican Republic post! I don’t know about where you are, but in the D.C. area it’s freezing & we are having a snow storm! So I thought it would be a great time to whisk you away to Playa el Valle – the private beach located down the road […]

I’m so excited to share more photos from my time in the Dominican Republic during the Dance Adventures trip! There is so much to share, so I anticipate many more of these posts in the coming weeks. Lucky you! Today I’ve posted photos from the many Tree House Village activities we did on day two […]