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Playa El Valle

Playa El ValleIt’s time for another Dance Adventures Dominican Republic post! I don’t know about where you are, but in the D.C. area it’s freezing & we are having a snow storm! So I thought it would be a great time to whisk you away to Playa el Valle – the private beach located down the road from the Dominican Tree House Village. Let’s go!

We started our trip to Playa el Valle by stopping in at the little shop near the bike hut for some Mamajuana & cacao fruit. And to pet & obsess over the tiny puppies who were hanging out, sunning themselves & begging for pets. OMG don’t tell Milli, but these dogs were some of the cutest little things I’ve ever seen! They were playing with each other, snoozing on our laps, and giving us puppy kisses. They had to pry us away from them!

The wonderful thing about the our Dance Adventures trip is that there were little adventures & thrills when you least expected them. This might sound lame, but riding a bicycle is a bit of an adventure for me. Not in the let’s-do-something-crazy sense, but in the I-don’t-do-this-every-day sense. I haven’t ridden a bike in probably four years, so hopping on one & cruising down a dirt road to the beach was adventurous… and I loved it! The wind in my hair, waving to folks as we passed their houses & saying ‘hola!’, navigating around pot holes, & trying to not run into each other was just so fun!

The best part of the bike ride was the end, when we finally made it to the beach & saw before us exactly what a beach in the jungle looks like: breathtaking. Like something out of your best dream or a movie! We were so incredibly lucky to spend time there, with barely anyone else around, playing, laughing, taking photos, relaxing, & sunning ourselves near the turquoise & white waves.

And get this: at Playa el Valle, you get homemade lunch made to order that you eat right on the beach! We had grilled fish, rice & beans, fried plantains (tostadas), fresh salad, & ginormous Presidentes, the national beer. It was heavenly.

Take a look at the photos below & just imagine you’re on this beach, warm in the breeze instead of freezing in the snow!

Playa El VallePlay el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle Play el VallePlay el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle Play el Valle

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