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fitness instructor

fitness instructorWith today’s blog post I can note two items on the list of reasons why I love photography: 1. I get to photograph people from all kinds of businesses. Sometimes we’re super profesh in suits & blazers and sometimes we’re spunky in yoga gear with a fitness instructor! 2. I get to learn what my clients are passionate about within their businesses when I ask them questions for the blog post! I love reading what makes other business owners tick & strive.

Today you’re going to see bad ass Amy! Amy is a fitness instructor with classes at Core Power Yoga & DivaFit, and her arm muscles will put us all to shame! I met up with Amy at her (gorgeous!) home & got to shoot these photos in her own back yard, with her really cool pond as a backdrop & her pups, Seamus & Murphy supervising! OK add that as a the third & fourth items on the list: 3. Getting to spend time in beautiful, unique locations 4. Sometimes pets make a guest appearance!

Tell me, how did you first start out being a fitness instructor?

I have a dance and gymnastics background. In 2012, I discovered pole fitness and two years later became an instructor. Through DivaFit, I was introduced to CorePower Yoga and in 2016 started teaching there too!fitness instructorWhat are you most passionate about within your work?

I am equally passionate about teaching pole and yoga. I love how well they complement each other. Music is HUGE to me; my #1 tool for setting the tone, be high-energy or ultra-relaxing. I love being a “DJ” – I get irrationally excited when someone praises my playlists. 🙂

As a teacher, there is nothing better than watching someone get stronger, feel more confident, and smile ear-to-ear at their achievements. It is the ultimate instructor fitness instructorWho is your ideal client & who is your dream celebrity client?

I have some ideal clients right now! Naturals who pick up on things quickly, but wo stay humble and strive to learn more.

I’m way too intimidated to have a celebrity client. I’d want him/her to give me their personal trainer’s secrets!

From where do you draw motivation for what you do?

My long-standing love of and curiosity for movement, especially through a wide range of classes: Pole, Acro Yoga, Pilates, Trapeze, SolidCore, Barre, Buti – you name it, I’ve tried it and picked up some nuggets.

I draw a lot of motivation from my students. Their energy and eagerness pushes me to constantly do better and give more.Who in your life has had the most influence on you as a fitness instructor?

Jilian at DivaFit pushed me to enter a pole competition and audition to become an instructor – two things I NEVER would have considered, were it not for her encouragement. She taught me to stop saying, “I can’t.”

Soozie from Mid Your Body Oasis is the reason I do yoga. Like a bucket list item, everyone should experience a Soozie class. She doesn’t like me to say it, but she is my guru.

Jessica, Kaitlyn, and Trish are among my many CorePower idols. I’ve wanted to bottle up their music, energy, and strength since Day instructorWhat’s next for you?

I recently started volunteer-teaching yoga at a children’s hospital. At CorePower, I’d like to become a coach for Yoga Sculpt teacher training. With pole, I’d like to groom some of my students for competitions. There’s a stage mom in me that will never die. 🙂fitness instructorWhere can my readers find you? Where can they sign up for class?

At DivaFit (Falls Church) and CorePower Yoga in Merrifield. Both accept Groupons and Class Pass. CPY offers one free week to new students. You can sign up through the MindBody link on their sites: 

fitness instructor

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