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wedding_day_details-24One thing I learned from having the opportunity & privilege of photographing these Persian wedding day details at the Bellevue Conference & Event Center in Chantilly, VA, was that love translates. The entire day, from the getting ready chatter to the ceremony and after-dinner speeches, was in Farsi. You may not know this about me, but… I don’t speak Farsi! (haha) That, however, did not make one bit of difference when it came to my understanding that the two people joining together in marriage before my eyes were deeply in love.

To start the day, I joined the bride along with her close family and friends in her grand suite at the Bellevue. This room was amazing! Super tall ceilings, lots of natural light, plenty of space for everyone to get ready,  and they even have a king size bed in the room! As the bride and her family were having their hair & makeup done, I took the opportunity to whisk away her gown and other wedding day details for a private photo session. After I was finished, the bride got woven into her dress and before we knew it, the ceremony was beginning.

The ceremony took place in the Milan ballroom. The bride & groom entered the ballroom & were immediately seated behind the Sofreh Aghd, or table of wedding, where they could take in what a beautiful job Sherry, the bride’s best friend & wedding coordinator, had done in preparing the ballroom. The floral arrangements, created by Sherry herself, were exquisite! The sofreh aghd was abundant and so stylish! All the details glistened under the shimmering light of the overhead chandeliers and candelabras. The table itself even smelled delicious, with the aroma of the seven pastries and heavenly fruits wafting up to greet you.

Once the reception got going, everyone was on the dance floor! The bride and groom led the way and grooved with their friends & family for hours before even taking a break! My favorite part of the evening was the Raghse Chaghoo, or knife dance. Several female guests ‘stole’ the knife from the cake cutting table, danced around with it, & the bride & groom had to bribe them to get it back. It was so fun!

The bride & groom have requested that no images be shown of them personally, but graciously agreed that their wedding day details can be shared. Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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Thank you to the amazing vendors who made this wedding such a fun event for the bride & groom!

Hair and Makeup by Asal Studio

Wedding Gown – Elegance by Roya of Alexandria, VA

Groom’s suit by Hugo Boss

Flowers by Fresh Bouquet

Caterer – Bellevue Conference and Events Center

Cake by Jireh Bakery & Cafe of Centerville, VA

DJ – Bellevue Conference and Events Center

Video Production by Capital Films D.C.

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