Playing Catch-Up – Fun Monday

playing catch-up

playing catch-upOh! I am so happy to be playing catch-up & blogging right now instead of planning logistics, packing, signing checks, & moving large boxes! I am almost done with my move and can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! Woot woot! While there is still much unpacking & settling in to do, the majority of the move is over. YASSSSS!

While I was proud of myself for scheduling things so I could set aside dedicated time to move & do other moving related activities (yard sale, Goodwill drop off, Ikea & Target runs, prosecco drinking… um, what?), I definitely missed my photography work! I’m excited to get back to business!

Much of this weekend was spent dealing with a HUGE mistake I made with my move (whoops!), but after that was wrapped up, I was able to get some work done. I even found an entire day to relax & unwind from the stress of the past several weeks.

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca Ruest of My Personal Assistant, who was the day-of coordinator at a local Bar Mitzvah I had the honor of photographing. Rebecca was such a huge help not only to me, but to the couple who was hosting the party. She was able to put out fires so mom & dad could enjoy their son’s event stress-free! Rebecca’s associates helped me run the photo booth we set up & reminded me I was wearing animal ears for much of the night 😛

playing catch-up playing catch-upSunday was truly a day of rest. I don’t know about you, but I definitely have to remind myself to rest when I need it. It involves lots of self pep talks, reassuring myself 1. you scheduled this time for rest as a priority and 2. you will be much more productive later if you spend time taking care of yourself now. The day started with those pesky knee-jerk urges to ‘be productive’ – unpack something, organize something, edit something, but soon enough I settled into relaxation & enjoyed my day of rest. I slept in, went to yoga, went grocery shopping for the first time in forever! (Trader Joe’s FTW), took Milli for a long walk in our new neighborhood, & cooked dinner at home. It was the perfect Sunday 🙂

playing catch up{vegan chili with brown rice & avocado; vegan ranch dressing on the side to cool it off – it was spicy!}

On tap for this week: playing catch-up with finishing some editing jobs, client meetings, and getting back to blogging! Stay tuned and have a great week!

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