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Ring Shots

Ring ShotsHappy Day-After-Valentine’s Day y’all! What? You didn’t know this was a holiday? haha Well, technically it’s not, but I figure today is a day worth celebrating. Why? Because yesterday was Valentine’s Day & so many people got engaged! So today I’m focusing our Wedding Wednesday post on ring shots! You do not want to miss this!

I hate to be the typical, cliche female, but I can’t help it! I love sparkly things! Being a wedding photographer, I’m lucky to get to satisfy my desire to see sparkly things on a regular basis because I get to photograph engagement rings! Yay! I’ve gotten to see some beauts in my day, so I’m excited to share this compilation of some of my fav ring shots of all time.

Not only do I like sparkly things, I LOVE macro photography. According to Wikipedia (source of all knowledge), macro photography is ‘extreme close-up photography, usually of very small objects… in which the size of the photograph is larger than life size.’ In this case, the very small objects would be engagement rings & wedding bands. I use a special lens (Canon 100mm f1.8 for my photography nerds!) to grab my ring shots that allows me to get super close to the subject with clear, sharp focus, to ensure I capture every sparkle, every tiny diamond, every angle. It’s so fun!

I definitely love taking those kinds of images because the photographer in me finds it challenging & interesting, that’s a given. But I also love the idea of being able to preserve your memories of these very special pieces of jewelry at the beginning of your journey together as an engaged or married couple. Whether the photo is of the engagement ring alone, or if it’s with the wedding bands, there is so much symbolism captured in these images.

Take a look at the images below & start day dreaming now about how your rings will be captured on your wedding day!

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