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I think my favorite thing about being a photographer is routinely getting to bare witness to special events and touching moments in people’s lives. It’s a unique job in that you get to be present for predominantly happy occasion after happy occasion. I spend most shoots with a huge smile plastered across my face! I feel particularly lucky to get to be happy while I’m working. That’s what following your passion is all about after all, right?

One of these happy working situations occurred recently when I got to photograph my step-sister and her family for portraits on the Patuxant River in southern Maryland.  They have one adorable, scrumptious toddler, Ava, and are expecting another bundle this winter. It was such an honor to capture photos of them as a family of 3 and to shoot their pregnancy announcement for social media.  So fun and exciting!

We were lucky enough to get some of that luminous, golden magic hour light and one heck of a breathtaking summer sunset.  The best part about shooting for family is getting to stick around after the official shoot, affording the opportunity to capture some unplanned, candid photos.  I need to figure out how to work this into every shoot, because I was able to get some of my favorite pics of the evening during this time!  Putting that on my to-do list…

Can’t wait to meet the Lavato family’s new addition!

Southern_MD_Waterfront_Family_Photos (3)Southern_MD_Father_Daughter_Photos_1Southern_MD_Father_Daughter_Photos Southern_MD_Family_Photography (7)Southern_MD_Waterfront_Family_Photos (4)Southern_MD_waterfront_Blackandwhite_PhotosSouthern_MD_Family_Photography (8)Southern_MD_Family_Photography (9)Southern_MD_Family_Photography (10)Southern_MD_Family_Photography (11)Southern_MD_Mother_Daughter_Portraits (2)Southern_MD_Mother_Daughter_Portraits (1)Southern_MD_Waterfront_Family_Photos (5)Southern_MD_Waterfront_Family_Photos (1)Southern_MD_Family_Photography (4)Southern_MD_Family_Photography (2)Southern_MD_Family_Photography (6)Southern_MD_Waterfront (1)Southern_MD_Waterfront_Maternity_Photography - CopySouthern_MD_Waterfront (2)

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  1. Absolutely love the photos! Can’t wait to see what you can do with Erin, Mike, and our baby Charleigh when she arrives.

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