Full Weekend – Fun Monday

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full weekend, fun Monday, diamond ring, engagement ring, cushion cut engagement ring, greenery, engagement photosIt’s Monday again! I hope everyone had a great, full weekend! I hit the ground running this morning, checking items off the ol’ to-do list left and right! I’m kind of looking forward to looking back on the relaxing, friend-filled, rejuvenating, full weekend I just had.

My calendar for August was filling up, so I made sure to schedule some free time for this weekend. I purposely booked no shoots & just one client meeting, which was over drinks so I feel like that doesn’t count as work haha Friday night I put in a few hours of work to get myself set up for a weekend away from the computer and was able to deliver three galleries in 24 hours! Woot woot!

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Saturday morning I woke up a little late, so I missed making it to yoga class but decided to do yoga at home. I made it work though! I put on the essential oil diffuser (spearmint, grapefruit, lemongrass) & the yoga station on Pandora and managed to get in a full hour of at-home yoga!

From there I met up with Christine Olmstead (who designed this website!) in Clarendon. Christine is a brilliant artist & I’ve been admiring her work since we met about a year and a half ago. I realized my walls needed more art than just my photographs, so I decided to purchase one of Christine’s paintings to hang above my sofa. Best.decision.ever. I love it so much! It just really brings my place together & makes it feel more homey. Every time I walk into the living room, I smile seeing it on the wall. Definitely reach out to Christine if you’re thinking of purchasing a piece for your own home or office. You can commission an original piece or buy one from her shop. You can follow her on Instagram here: @christineolmstead

After the art exchange, I headed to Mosaic to meet my friend Alexis for brunch at our usual spot, True Food Kitchen. The food was delish, the drinks hit the spot, & the conversation was wonderful, as usual. We even hatched a plan for a little girls’ getaway in a few weeks! Can’t wait!

Saturday evening, I packed up Milli & drove out to Maryland to see my friends Erica & Kelly’s new home on the Magothy River. Their house is amazeballs. Their kitchen is #goals and the view from every room in the house is to die for! Check out this pic I snapped from their back door. Ahhh!

full weekend, fun Monday, Magothy River, riverfront, river views, waterfront, waterfront home, sunset, dusk, pier

Sunday I went to yoga… and had my favorite pair of flip flops taken from the shoe shelves & had to walk to my car barefoot!! I think someone mistakenly took my shoes when they were leaving, and left me with theirs. You guys. These flip flops were perfection. Black Havaianas with super thin soles & the straps were short. I loved them. Probably a little too much.  I just hope whoever has them now loves & appreciates them as much as I did…

Sunday afternoon I met with two new clients in D.C. to discuss their wedding photography. They have something really sweet planned & I’m excited I get to be a part of it. And.. and. They have a pet bunny!! And I get to photograph him too! Y’all, I am too excited for that!

When I got home I took Milli over to Gravelly Point for a nice long walk. She loves it there! There’s grass for her to hop around in, lots of people to give her pets, and the water for her to sniff around at. She had the best time & got all tuckered out <3

Whew! That was a long, fun, full weekend! Check back in this week to see some recent photo sessions!

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