Photography Ready Wedding Venues

photography ready wedding venues, Rust Manor House, elegant wedding, Leesburg, VA, northern VA, exterior shot

Today I’m going to help you pick your wedding venue! Yay! There are obviously lots of things to consider when selecting your wedding venue, but today I’m asking you to consider photography ready wedding venues when you’re making your list of places to check out. What do I mean by photography ready wedding venues? I’ll explain… Let’s back up a … Read More

Your Perfect Wedding Photography Package

perfect wedding photography package

Welcome to the second post in my series on wedding photography planning! Last week I told you how coordinating with your photographer to plan your wedding timeline will help get those amazing wedding photos you’ve been dreaming of, and today I’m sharing how thoughtfully choosing your perfect wedding photography package will help get those photos as well. So you’ve chosen … Read More

Wedding Photography Planning , Day-Of Timeline

wedding photography planning

Who better to help with your wedding photography planning than a wedding photographer?! As I detailed in last week’s post on how to get amazing wedding photos, there are certain things you can do to ensure your wedding photos are everything you want them to be. Today is the first post in a series on wedding photography planning that will … Read More

Amazing Wedding Photos, Your How-To Guide

amazing wedding photos

Every engaged couple wants amazing wedding photos, right? If you or a loved one is investing in photography for your wedding, of course you want the best experience and in the end, amazing wedding photos. Today I’m going to tell you how you – bride & groom, bride & bride, or groom & groom – can get those amazing wedding … Read More

Morrison House Wedding – Karlee + Matt

Morrison House wedding

 Pippa Middleton wasn’t the only one to get married this weekend! Karlee & Matt did as well, with their Morrison House wedding in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday morning. The couple said ‘I do’ before family & friends at this gorgeous boutique hotel in Old town. The perfect place to start their lives together! Karlee + Matt share such a … Read More

Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies – Wedding Wednesday

unplugged wedding ceremonies

Today I’m making the case for unplugged wedding ceremonies. True, having cell phone cameras or iPads in the frame of any photograph is a pet peeve of pretty much every wedding photographer. But the case I’ll make today is about so much more than that. You’ve set aside a certain amount of money to fund your wedding. Or your mom … Read More

Why To Plan Your Wedding Around Magic Hour

plan your wedding around magic hour

If you love natural light photography, trust me: you need to plan your wedding around magic hour. That appears to be a pretty bold, self-serving statement. I’m suggesting you plan your entire wedding, one of the most important events of your life, around one thing. The thing I happen to be most passionate about – photography. But hear me out. … Read More

Georgetown Wedding Reception – Colleen & Chris


When I first spoke with Colleen about the vision for her wedding, she started by telling me about this event. She said she and her fiancé wanted a big party! She didn’t even want to refer to it as a reception, so from then on, we called it a wedding party. Today on the blog, the story of Colleen & … Read More

Georgetown Wedding Ceremony – Colleen & Chris

Georgetown wedding ceremony

Lately I’ve been exploring the notion that everything happens as it’s supposed to, according to a predestined plan dreamed up by the universe. I see examples of this in my everyday life & when I hear stories like Colleen & Chris’s, it strengthens that belief even further. I was honored to be a part of that story when I had … Read More

Getting Ready Details – Wedding Wednesday

Getting Ready Details

It’s all in the details, or so they say. As a wedding photographer, I tend to say, it’s all in the getting ready details. So much of your wedding memories are tied to the things you’ll still have with you years later, like your wedding rings, your something blue, the dried bouquet, and your other wedding jewelry. That’s why I … Read More