Fitness Instructor – Amy’s Headshots

fitness instructor

With today’s blog post I can note two items on the list of reasons why I love photography: 1. I get to photograph people from all kinds of businesses. Sometimes we’re super profesh in suits & blazers and sometimes we’re spunky in yoga gear with a fitness instructor! 2. I get to learn what my clients are passionate about within their businesses when … Read More

Studeo 23 – Bryana’s Headshots

Studeo 23

I’m so excited to finally debut a new blog style I’ve been working on & to feature fellow entrepreneur Bryana King of Studeo 23! I have so much to say whenever anyone asks me about my business, so I figured the people I take headshots for would also have a lot to say about their businesses. The idea for this new … Read More

Playa El Valle – Dance Adventures

Playa El Valle

It’s time for another Dance Adventures Dominican Republic post! I don’t know about where you are, but in the D.C. area it’s freezing & we are having a snow storm! So I thought it would be a great time to whisk you away to Playa el Valle – the private beach located down the road from the Dominican Tree House … Read More

Natural Airbrushing – Why I Prefer It

Natural Airbrushing

Creative license is something I always heard about in my literature & art classes in school. I loved the idea of the freedom that comes along with being an artist. You can mold a story or piece of art into whatever you need it to be, whether you’re defying reality or playing safely within the lines of what’s physically possible. … Read More

Profiler – Cutting Edge by Mora

Cutting Edge by Mora

Y’all, it’s tough to find a good hair stylist in the D.C. area! It baffles the mind. Think about it. People from all over the world come here to live, work, play, pro-create, govern, be diplomatic. You would think you could find plenty of good hair stylists! But in my eleven years living in Arlington & trying probably a dozen different … Read More

Northern VA Realtor Headshots

Northern VA Realtor Headshots

Being part of a group of motivated business people who are happy to network & look out for your business with the same intensity as they garner business for themselves is such a wonderful opportunity. One such business venture my local chapter of BNI recently put together was an event for northern VA Realtor headshots & networking, and they asked … Read More

Profiler – Sharon’s Old Town Alexandria Headshots

So, Old Town Alexandria headshots might be my new favorite thing. There’s something about walking along the cobblestone sidewalks in such a historic town that’s managed to stay current at the same time. History is mixed with modern day cool in the form of hip restaurants, unique boutiques, & fashionable passersby. During this most recent photo shoot we even encountered … Read More

Profiler – Steve & Tonya’s Annapolis Headshots

I usually start out my blog posts describing how & when I met my client and how I got to know them through the course of working with them to plan their photo shoot. So, I’m going to start this post about a recent Annapolis headshots session in a similar way: I met Steve a little over 29 years ago on a cold … Read More

Profiler – Josh’s Old Town Alexandria Headshots

I love working with clients who know what they want but are still open to letting me do my thing, make suggestions, and trust my experience & expertise. Josh was one of these clients! His Old Town Alexandria headshots session went nice & smooth because he was great at communicating what he was looking for and trusted my vision for … Read More

Profiler – Margie’s Georgetown Waterfront Headshots

A month or so ago I posted a blog with my high school friend Emily’s newborn daughter’s photos & mentioned how some things are meant to come full circle. Well this post is definitely another full circle kind of moment! More on that to come. But right now I am excited to share the photos from Margie’s Georgetown waterfront headshots session, … Read More