Family Portraits – The Lavatos

Maryland Family Photographer I think my favorite thing about being a photographer is routinely getting to bare witness to special events and touching moments in people’s lives. It’s a unique job in that you get to be present for predominantly happy occasion after happy occasion. I spend most shoots with a huge smile plastered across my face! I feel particularly lucky … Read More

Throwback Thursday – Country Wedding

Maryland Wedding Photographer Being that this is a fairly new website and I’ve been taking photos at special occasions for several years now, I figured I would take advantage of this whole #throwbackthursday phenomenon and post pictures from events that occurred over the past few years.

Wedding Day – Desi & Camilo

Maryland Wedding Photographer What do you do when you’re head-over-heels in love? Have a spontaneous wedding, of course! That’s just what Desi & Camilo decided to do one chilly, rainy day in early June. It was so romantic & I was honored to be able to photograph their special day.