Rayburn Building Reception – Madison Meets D.C.

Rayburn Building reception

Last week I had the honor of photographing the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s Rayburn Building reception they dubbed ‘Madison Meets D.C.’. Wisconsinites from around the D.C. metro area joined the G.M.C.o.C.’s Board of Directors in welcoming Wisconsin members of Congress for mixing, mingling, and sipping good ol’ Wisconsin beers! The Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce wants to make the … Read More

Weekend Away – Fun Monday

weekend away

Happy Monday!! I spent the weekend away so I’m feeling nice & refreshed for this Monday at the office! I could use a little more rest, but hey, who couldn’t?! I’m ready to seize the week and hope you are as well! I’d love to hear how you spent your weekend! Tell me in the comments 🙂 I kicked off … Read More

Playing Catch-Up – Fun Monday

playing catch-up

Oh! I am so happy to be playing catch-up & blogging right now instead of planning logistics, packing, signing checks, & moving large boxes! I am almost done with my move and can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! Woot woot! While there is still much unpacking & settling in to do, the majority of the … Read More

Georgetown Wedding Reception – Colleen & Chris


When I first spoke with Colleen about the vision for her wedding, she started by telling me about this event. She said she and her fiancĂ© wanted a big party! She didn’t even want to refer to it as a reception, so from then on, we called it a wedding party. Today on the blog, the story of Colleen & … Read More

Rest Day – Fun Monday

rest day

Happy Monday, friends! This is a happy Monday for me because I’m feeling a smidge better after being sick all last week. I chose to take a rest day on Friday & Sunday in order to finally kick this sickness once & for all, and I think it worked! Or at least, is in the works… I’ve learned to listen when … Read More

Georgetown Wedding Ceremony – Colleen & Chris

Georgetown wedding ceremony

Lately I’ve been exploring the notion that everything happens as it’s supposed to, according to a predestined plan dreamed up by the universe. I see examples of this in my everyday life & when I hear stories like Colleen & Chris’s, it strengthens that belief even further. I was honored to be a part of that story when I had … Read More

Tree House Nights – Dance Adventures

tree house nights

I never thought I’d use the term ‘tree house nights’, but here we are! haha I spent five nights in the jungle during my Dance Adventures trip to the Dominican Republic last month, and not only were they peaceful & quiet, they were fun! Today I’m sharing with you photos from our tree house nights in the Dominican jungle! I … Read More

Women’s March – Fun Monday

Women's March Washington, D.C.

Welcome to my first Fun Monday post! In these posts I’ll be sharing the fun I had over the weekend as well as what’s in store for the coming week. It’s a little more of a peek into my personal life as well as a way for you to follow along with the exciting things coming up photography-wise. And what better way … Read More

Appreciation Picnic – New World Title & Escrow

One thing every successful business has in common is they are grateful for their clients and they show their appreciation whenever they get the chance. One such company is New World Title & Escrow based out of McLean, VA. On Sunday, New World hosted a client appreciation picnic, complete with live music, delish barbecue, personalized gifts, and get this – … Read More

Tips & Tricks – What I Learned In a Year vol. 1

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.” – Anonymous August marks the one year anniversary of the month in which I registered my business in the commonwealth, Rachel E.H. Photography became legit, and I was well on my way to becoming a Washington, D.C. area wedding photographer! Over the past year I’ve … Read More