D.C. Women’s March – Fun Monday

DC Women's March, Women's March, Washington, DC, photo journalism, January 2018, Lincoln Memorial, National Mall

It’s that day of the week again! The day when I pop in to say hi, wish you a great week, and share a little about how I spent my weekend. The weekend was filled with everything from the D.C. Women’s March to chasing a mouse around my house! Quite the rollercoaster! So, I have a mouse in my house. … Read More

Thanksgiving Weekend – Fun Monday

Thanksgiving weekend, Virginia Photographer, anniversary photo shoot, anniversary photos, couple, happy couple, smiling couple, parents

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I had so much fun taking a little time off to rest and do normal person things like focus on watching TV (instead of editing at the same time), go out on a weekend night, and see my family! When you have two full time jobs, ya don’t get to do too … Read More

Father’s Day Weekend – Fun Monday

Father's Day weekend

Another Monday, another Fun Monday post! I hope everyone had a fantastic Father’s Day Weekend! I know I did! I got to photograph a wedding & portraits at several awesome locations with a wonderful second shooter, got my hair did, was introduced to a gorgeous new shooting location, & found time to get some rest. Lemme tell ya about it! … Read More

Constitution Hall Headshots – Charles

Constitution Hall headshots

One of the reasons at the top of my list for why I love photography is it provides opportunities for trips down memory lane. Even as the photographer, going to a location where I’ve shot before offers the chance for me to reminisce on past shoots & realize how far I’ve come in such a short time. Such was the … Read More

Air of Love – Fun Monday

air of love

My weekend definitely had an air of love about it. I had the honor of photographing three gorgeous couples, from Alexandria to the Mall in D.C. The weather was perfect for spending so much time outside, which I definitely enjoyed after being home sick for almost two weeks! I’d say this weekend was actually the perfect mix of work & … Read More

Georgetown Wedding Reception – Colleen & Chris


When I first spoke with Colleen about the vision for her wedding, she started by telling me about this event. She said she and her fiancé wanted a big party! She didn’t even want to refer to it as a reception, so from then on, we called it a wedding party. Today on the blog, the story of Colleen & … Read More

D.C. Cherry Blossoms Family Photos

D.C. cherry blossoms family photos

From what I’ve seen, the cherry blossoms are still going strong! With peak bloom about a week ago, they are starting to fade a little, but if you ask me, all of the pink petals on the ground just adds to the beauty they bestow on us! I’m excited to share my last D.C. cherry blossoms family photos of the season … Read More

Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal

Valentine's Day marriage proposal

I love a whirlwind romance for the same reason I love courthouse weddings: the romanticism! There is something irresistibly romantic about being so in love, so enthralled, & so head-over-heels for the person you love that you must dedicate yourself to them wholly & fully, and do so as soon as possible. This Valentine’s Day marriage proposal story has all of those … Read More

Georgetown Waterfront – Fun Monday

Georgetown waterfront

Happy week of love y’all! Yes, Valentine’s Day gets a whole week of celebration here at REHP! I’m kicking it off today with a recap of my weekend for today’s Fun Monday post, along with some photos from location scouting I did at the Georgetown waterfront. Continue on to read more about my busy weekend & to see what’s in store for … Read More