Running a Values Based Business – An In-Focus Unfolding

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Welcome to the first informative post in my new series An In-Focus Unfolding. Today I’m sharing how easy it is to run a values based business! Before I started working with a business coach, I never really thought about ‘values’ – in life, much less a values based business! I mean, most of us are probably living according to our values … Read More

Relaxing Weekend – Fun Monday

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It’s Monday again! And Fun Monday at that! I have a busy week ahead and am gonna love taking the time in this lil’ blog post to reminisce on my relaxing weekend. Maybe I’ll come back to it throughout the week when I’m feeling overwhelmed so I can remember what relaxation feels like – haha! The weekend kicked off at … Read More

Closing Ceremony – Dance Adventures

closing ceremony

I’m sort of sad to be writing this last post documenting my trip with Dance Adventures to the Dominican Republic earlier this year. It’s been fun reminiscing through photography on the amazing, life changing time we had in the DR jungle. Today I’ll share images from our last lunch, the closing ceremony, and our final morning at the Dominican Tree … Read More

Dominican Tree House Waterfall – Dance Adventures

Dominican Tree House waterfall

In my dream scenario, the perfect ending to a morning of mountain hiking & zip lining through the jungle would be play time at the Dominican Tree House waterfall. Well the Dance Adventures crew is pretty much in the business of making dreams come true, so of course we ended our hike & zip lining excursion with play time at the Dominican … Read More

Jungle Zip Lining – Dance Adventures

jungle zip lining

After my trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures, I’ve been rethinking how I consider myself a not very adventurous person. The day I went jungle zip lining made me rethink exactly who I think I am! I came to realize after a couple minor adventures throughout the week that experiencing something physically & mentally challenging far outside your … Read More

Las Terrenas – Dance Adventures

Las Terrenas

Last week I told you the day we went to El Limon waterfall was my favorite day of our trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures. I showed you photos from our drive through Samana & our trek through the jungle on hourseback to the waterfall. Well, our day didn’t end after our delicious lunch after our trip to … Read More

El Limón Waterfall – Dance Adventures

El Limón waterfall

It’s hard to play favorites with the days & activities we experienced while in the Dominican Republic for our Dance Adventures trip, but I have to say – the day we traveled to El Limón waterfall was at the tippy top of my list. If I’m being honest, it’s probably at the tippy top of my list of favorite days in … Read More

Magic Hour – Dance Adventures

magic hour

Today’s blog post might make you want to take a professional photographer with you on beach vacations from now on. Just sayin’. The folks who traveled to the Dominican Republic for our Dance Adventures trip might have felt like I was doing them a favor by taking some quick headshots, but little did they know they were doing me a … Read More

Tree House Nights – Dance Adventures

tree house nights

I never thought I’d use the term ‘tree house nights’, but here we are! haha I spent five nights in the jungle during my Dance Adventures trip to the Dominican Republic last month, and not only were they peaceful & quiet, they were fun! Today I’m sharing with you photos from our tree house nights in the Dominican jungle! I … Read More

Free Weekend – Fun Monday

free weekend

Happy Monday, friends, and more importantly, happy first day of spring! I’ve been waiting six months for this day & am glad it’s finally arrived! I ended up spending the last days of winter with a free weekend after my cherry blossom sessions were postponed due to the snow storm we had last week & would love to hear how … Read More