Las Terrenas – Dance Adventures

Las Terrenas

Last week I told you the day we went to El Limon waterfall was my favorite day of our trip to the Dominican Republic with Dance Adventures. I showed you photos from our drive through Samana & our trek through the jungle on hourseback to the waterfall. Well, our day didn’t end after our delicious lunch after our trip to … Read More

Magic Hour – Dance Adventures

magic hour

Today’s blog post might make you want to take a professional photographer with you on beach vacations from now on. Just sayin’. The folks who traveled to the Dominican Republic for our Dance Adventures trip might have felt like I was doing them a favor by taking some quick headshots, but little did they know they were doing me a … Read More

Playa El Valle – Dance Adventures

Playa El Valle

It’s time for another Dance Adventures Dominican Republic post! I don’t know about where you are, but in the D.C. area it’s freezing & we are having a snow storm! So I thought it would be a great time to whisk you away to Playa el Valle – the private beach located down the road from the Dominican Tree House … Read More

Back in Action – Fun Monday

Happy Monday my loves! This may be the least fun of all the Mondays for me, as I’m back in action after being out for a week on a working vacation. I use the term ‘working’ loosely, as taking photos for me rarely feels like work. That’s what happens when you’re living your passion!

Wanderlust – Sunny San Diego

Today is my birthday y’all! In honor of this day, I’m sharing photos from my trip to San Diego this past September. I had such a busy fall session (yay!) that I never had time to edit these photos or post a blog with them. So for my birthday, I’m whisking us all away to sunny San Diego, CA.

Greenwell State Park Family Photos

Greenwell State Park Family Photos

So, apparently Greenwell State Park family photos are the thing to do in southern Maryland! Honestly, it’s worth coming from far and wide to take photos at this park because the views are stunning! I’m so happy Erin & her hubby, Mike, chose this spot for their family photos. It was the perfect backdrop to their laughter & smiles, all … Read More

National Harbor Engagement – Bianka & Nick

Bianka & Nick are a great example of a modern day fairy tale, and I think their National Harbor engagement session was the perfect way to kick off this new chapter of their love story! They met in the way of many modern aged couples, on a dating app, and the rest was history, as they say. The sweetest part of … Read More

Wanderlust – Bucks County Pennsylvania

I LOVE love love taking photos of people. But that’s not how I started with photography. And I truly believe you have to go back to your roots for inspiration & re-invigoration. It’s like when I was training my dog when she was a puppy: the training guides said that whatever trick your dog learns first will be their go-to … Read More

Favorites – Summer Photo Inspiration

Am I the only one who feels like screaming from the rooftop, “YES!! YASSSS!!! It’s freakin’ summer time y’all!!!” Yes? Anyone? Well I’m not ashamed. For some reason, summer time makes me feel more alive. Maybe it’s all the vitamin D I’m absorbing from laying out, walking my dog, or wearing less clothing, allowing more of my skin to see … Read More

Tips & Tricks – Summer Photo Shoot Locations

The first day of summer was yesterday. HOORAY! And to celebrate, today I’m going to share with you some on point summer photo shoot locations. While I enjoy all of the seasons for their own reason – autumn’s crisp air & pumpkin everything, winter’s clothes are the best because they let you cover up the extra weight you put on at … Read More