If you’re here, you likely love the cherry blossoms as much as I do! Investing in professional photography is a great way to savor the present moment and preserve it for years to come - and that’s never truer than with the cherry blossoms.

D.C. cherry blossoms

I love giving folks quality time to spend together, to connect, and be in the moment as a you take in the beauty of one of earth’s most ethereal and majestic wonders - the D.C. cherry blossoms!. If you’ve never experienced it before - seeing the cherry blossoms surrounding the tidal basin is totally unique, breath taking, and even peaceful. It’s wonderful just seeing them; it’s ten times better getting to have your photo taken with them so you can keep those memories forever! Over the past six years, I've learned lots of tips and tricks about how to give my clients the same easy, fun, and organized experience you're used to - but with the gorgeous cherry blossoms and iconic DC landmarks. 

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to celebrate your milestones with timeless, joyful images including beautiful cherry blossoms!

2022 peak bloom dates:
March 22-25

Your cherry blossoms EXPERIENCE

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STEP ONE: connect

I do my best to make sure all my clients and I are a great fit for each other and that we have a good connection. The first step to forming that connection is through an initial phone call. I answer any questions you have and we get to know each other! This is especially important with cherry blossoms sessions because there are additional logistics to talk through.

STEP TWO: Plan & Prep Your Session

Since I’ve been doing this for six years now, I have all the logistical stuff worked out so you get to enjoy the type of organized, easy, fun experience only a seasoned professional can give you, including outfit planning specific for cherry blossoms photos!


My mission is to help everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera so we get beautiful, genuine images that highlight who you truly are. I’ll talk you through poses and give you plenty of instruction. We’ll walk around the tidal basin looking for beautiful light and picturesque backgrounds featuring the blossoms and D.C. landmarks.


You’ll receive a personalized (private) digital images gallery with dozens of photos you’re gonna love filled with pink flower-y goodness! And before that happens you’ll get sneak peeks to tide you over shortly after your session.


Choice of 60, 90, or 120 minutes of photography

Two Types of Sessions Are Available; All Include Style Guidance, Online Gallery of Final Images, and More

the sessions

Starting at $547


Your Investment: $359


30 Minutes of Photography

kwanzan blossoms sessions

Did you know there are multiple types of cherry blossom trees? There are! The most prevalent around the Tidal Basin are the Yoshino trees (white/light pink blossoms), which bloom first. Then, about ten days later, the Kwanzan blossoms experience their peak bloom. Kwanzan blossoms are the super bright pink, bushy blossoms (as seen on here) and they are stunning! If you would like to capture photos with these blossoms, specifically, let me know! We can plan your session to occur during their peak bloom.

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Proud pup mom, type A creative, lover of cherry blossoms, Top Chef fan girl, and wedding and portrait photographer. I can't wait to meet you!


I truly appreciate your interest in a Cherry Blossoms session with me! As of March 23rd, only Kwanzan sessions remain available. Fill out the form to reserve your spot.

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I've received your message and will be in touch soon!

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