Engagement – Maria & Arthur

Maryland Engagement Photographer In June, I shot the perfect courthouse wedding for my friend Desi & her hubby Camilo. Well, Camilo’s mom, Maria, happens to be engaged right now. She contacted me about taking some engagement photos for her and her fiance, Arthur, and of course, I was thrilled to do this for them!

Tiny Human – Newborn Charleigh

Maryland Newborn Photographer Ahhh… That mix of indescribable joy and excitement with a slight undercurrent of panic: the unmistakable energy felt in the home of a newborn. I love it.

Wanderlust – Cape Cod, MA

Coastal Landscapes Photographer You guys. I am in love. Cape Cod has stolen my heart. I had been to this most picturesque land of eastern coastline before – six years ago to be precise – but was still unprepared for the beauty and majesty I was going to experience on this trip.  My recollection of the Cape was that it … Read More

Throwback Thursday – Tiny Humans

DC Area Family Photographer Kids are so unpredictable. That’s why they’re so fun to photograph! You never know what they are going to do, what faces they are going to make, whether they’re going to cry or just stare you down. Personally, I think their unencumbered free spirits add to what creates some of the best photographs.

Wanderlust – Best of Beaches

Coastal Landscapes Photographer One of my all-time favorite things to do, long before I officially called myself a photographer, is to experience new places through the lens of my camera. Whether it be meandering down a new-to-me street in a familiar town or exploring a place I had to take an airplane to find, this activity has always put me at ease and … Read More

Throwback Thursday – Engagement Sessions

Maryland Engagement Photographer The very first job I had as a photographer was taking engagement photos for my good friend, Alexis and her then fiance, Rob.  I was so incredibly honored beyond words that Alexis thought of me to take their engagement photos and really excited at the same time!  She knew I had a passion for photography,  believed I could do … Read More

Profiler – Michelle’s Headshots

Maryland Head Shots Photographer Last week I took a giant step out of my comfort zone (which I highly recommend!) and joined a creatives based networking group, known as The Rising Tide Society. They hosted a week long Instagram challenge based around #communityovercompetition – the idea that you can participate in a community of support within your profession while supporting and promoting other small … Read More

Family Portraits – The Lavatos

Maryland Family Photographer I think my favorite thing about being a photographer is routinely getting to bare witness to special events and touching moments in people’s lives. It’s a unique job in that you get to be present for predominantly happy occasion after happy occasion. I spend most shoots with a huge smile plastered across my face! I feel particularly lucky … Read More

Throwback Thursday – Country Wedding

Maryland Wedding Photographer Being that this is a fairly new website and I’ve been taking photos at special occasions for several years now, I figured I would take advantage of this whole #throwbackthursday phenomenon and post pictures from events that occurred over the past few years.

Favorites – Details

Northern Virginia Special Occasions Photographer From weddings to baby showers to engagement photos – I’ve shot them all! In this post I want to share my favorite detail-shots from some of the special occasions I’ve photographed.