Detoxed – Fun Monday

detoxed, downtown Annapolis, winter weekend, winter days, American flag, Annapolis

detoxed, downtown Annapolis, winter weekend, winter days, American flag, Annapolis

It’s that day of the week! The fun one! Fun Monday! This Fun Monday is all about how I’m now good and detoxed, haha! I took some time off last week to do a little detox – for the benefit of work, my liver, my brain, and my eye balls. Keep reading to figure out what the heck I’m talking about!

I hate to break it to y’all, but photography can lead to a pretty unhealthy lifestyle if you fall into some traps – traps I definitely fell into. For starters, there is a lot of sitting around, and in my case, working from bed. When us photographers aren’t at photo shoots, we’re usually behind our computers, editing for hours and hours on end or just doing the regular work it takes to run a business. I love editing and running my business, don’t get me wrong, but it’s super unhealthy to be stuck behind a computer all day ‘er day. And it’s even unhealthier to be working from bed!

When I had my day job, I wanted to spend my off time in bed working on my business and resting, because the rest of the time I was working at my day job and at photo shoots. It was exhausting. Having a dozen or more of hours of editing to do a week keeps you on your butt a little too much, though. Before I started outsourcing the majority of my editing, I would be in bed for sometimes 12 hours a day editing! That is crazy! Seriously insane. I didn’t have time to cook healthy meals so I was ordering takeout and eating really unhealthily. I gained weight, stopped working out, and slid into lots of unhealthy habits.

A big reason I wanted to quit my day job was so that I could be in full control of my schedule and a huge part of that desire was focused on developing a healthier lifestyle again. It took a couple months but I’m finally starting to make some positive changes! This past week I jump started that healthier lifestyle with a quick three day liver cleanse. I cut out sugar, salt, animal products, processed foods, alcohol, even all my vitamin supplements, and only ate organic produce and beans. It felt SO good! A couple weeks ago I started running again and I’m trying to get into a routine of doing yoga at my house. Now that I’m all detoxed, I plan to stick with healthier eating habits and cook at home more.

Along with the physical detox, I did a little social media detox as well to give my brain, eye balls, and that old troublemaker – comparison, the thief of joy – a break. I signed out of my business Instagram, took Facebook off my phone, and stayed off the internet. I only answered emails that were timely and took a little mental break from work. I’m back at it this week feeling refreshed and ready to make a few minor changes online as well. Stay tuned for more on that!

Why am I telling you this? Just to give a little insight into my life, as well as a bit of encouragement. If you’re feeling stuck or blah or unwell, take a little break. Give yourself some space. Be gentle and take care of yourself, especially your health. The world will wait for you for three days or a week. Everything will be OK.

I feel really good now and excited about moving forward feeling detoxed and refreshed!

I’ll leave you with these few photos from my Sunday in Annapolis celebrating my brother’s birthday. Have a great week everyone!

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