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Welcome to the last post in my series on your wedding photography investment. This installment kind of addresses a pretty common sense piece of information, but it’s important nonetheless! And that’s to consider the tangible takeaways you’re getting when you book your wedding photography / photographer. There are different types of photographers and it’s important […]

Welcome to the last post in my series on photo shoot outfit ideas. I’m sharing my favorite all encompassing tip today, and that’s to use Pinterest for your photo shoot outfit planning! I know that’s not exactly a mind-blowing, shocker of a tip, but I do have some great ideas for how to use Pinterest […]

Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing what I did over the weekend, including some photos from yesterday’s Alexandria Wedding Showcase in Alexandria, Virginia. The weather outside is dreary, but my memories from this weekend are sunny! haha So cheesy. Today I’m defining success not by what work I’ve gotten done, but by how great I’m feeling! […]

Happy Tuesday! And welcome to the third post in my series on photo shoot outfit ideas. So far I’ve shared two great overall ideas for putting together outfits for your next photo session: here and here. Today I’m talking about my favorite tip – my suggestion to get really dressed up! Photography is always an […]

I hope I don’t make your eyes glaze over with my post today! haha I’m going to do my best to make it interesting and I know it’s definitely worth your time to read it! Today I’m going to be talking about your photographer’s workflow. Workflow? Huh? What is that?! Stay tuned because I’m going […]

Last week you got to read all (OK, some) of the nerdy fashion things I did when I was younger. But more importantly you got some great photo shoot outfit ideas for when you want to buy something new to wear to your shoot. This week I’m bringing more photo shoot style ideas and giving […]

Happy Monday! Today I’m excited to not only tell you how I spent my weekend, but to share my 2018 wish list!┬áThis is something I’ve been meaning to do since the start of the new year, but you know how that goes! Time seems to slip away between January 1st and January 31st, when you’re […]

Oh, I am *so* excited to be sharing photo shoot outfit ideas with you guys! I think you are aware by now that I love photography (duh!), but what you maybe aren’t aware of is my first love was not photography. Gasp! My first love was fashion. When I was little, I used to spend […]