Client Experience – Your Wedding Photography Investment

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Today’s post is the second in a series about your wedding photography investment. Last week I told you why I love referring to it as an ‘investment’ versus a ‘cost’ or a ‘price’ and hopefully the information resonated with you. (Read that post here.) Today I’m sharing why your client experience is super important to consider when making your wedding … Read More

South Arlington Family Photos

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I hope I’m not making you guys miss autumn too much by posting all these autumn family sessions during the winter! I can’t help it! These south Arlington family photos are just too good not to share! Now I’m not tooting my own horn here (completely), I’m giving like 5% of the credit to the gorgeous fall colors we had … Read More

Holiday Newborn Photos – Baby Vir

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You might remember this tiny human’s family from this post I shared in December with his mom, dad, and big sister. Well, once baby Vir here made his arrival, his family had me over to their house to take holiday newborn photos! This handsome little fella was born in December and boy did we have fun playing up the Christmas … Read More

Your Wedding Photography Investment – It’s More Than Just a Number

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You’re engaged and excited to get married! Woot woot! There’s so much celebrating going on, so much prosecco being poured, and you are enjoying every moment of it. That is until you realize there are so many decisions to be made when it comes time to start planning your actual wedding. Today I’m kicking off a series on your wedding … Read More

Autumn Arlington Family Photos

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Ahh I love these autumn Arlington family photos for so many reasons! Michelle is one spunky, sweet mamma and her family was so fun to photograph! Even her goldendoodle, Stella, was a hoot! I’m excited to finally share these autumn Arlington family photos with you today, even though autumn has definitely passed us by. Michelle took the suggestions in my … Read More

D.C. Women’s March – Fun Monday

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It’s that day of the week again! The day when I pop in to say hi, wish you a great week, and share a little about how I spent my weekend. The weekend was filled with everything from the D.C. Women’s March to chasing a mouse around my house! Quite the rollercoaster! So, I have a mouse in my house. … Read More

Winter Newborn Photos – Baby Kelsey

What a great way to start off the new year! Getting to take winter newborn photos of this adorable tiny human and her family. Baby Kelsey was a true dream to work with – she was literally dreaming for practically the entire shoot! She slept right through the almost the whole thing. A photographer’s best baby client! haha Kelsey’s mom … Read More

Woodend Sanctuary Wedding – Fun Monday

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It’s that time again! Everyone’s favorite day of the week! Right?! haha OK, maybe not, but hey – at least the day is pretty much over . . . since I’m super late in getting this posted! I’m excited to tell you about my weekend where I got to play second photographer at a Woodend Sanctuary wedding, meet with potential … Read More

Snowy Old Town Alexandria Headshots

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So, I obviously have the best clients. Everyone is always so trusting and up for whatever I suggest. But Madison here might take the cake for my bravest client ever when she signed up for snowy Old Town Alexandria headshots! I’ve known Madison for about two and a half years now. She and I joined a networking group around the … Read More

First Day – Fun Monday

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Happy New Year!! I know it’s about a week late on wishing everyone a happy new year here on the blog, but this is my first day back in the office officially after taking a little holiday hiatus. It’s actually my first day as a full time / all the time photographer! Say what?! Well if you missed my big … Read More