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location scouting, Memorial Bridge, Washington, D.C., bride, Potomac River, sunset, magic hour

Memorial Bridge, Washington, D.C., bride, Potomac River, sunset, magic hourIt’s Monday! I say that every Monday as if it’s a celebration haha But it kind of is a celebration when you’re passionate about your work and excited for what’s in store for the week! I had a pretty great weekend, aside from experiencing the beginning stages of a summer cold. I did some location scouting, celebrated my niece & nephew’s half birthdays, & watched the season premier of Game of Thrones!

Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat & stuffy nose. Not a great way to start out the weekend. I decided yoga would probably make me feel better, so I went to class. It did not make me feel better! I had a big day of location scouting & visiting with my friends Erica & Kelly at their new home in MD, but decided the less I did that day, the better. I took a nap & set out for location scouting, playing my evening plans by ear.

I’ve been meaning to do some location scouting in the city for foreverrrr & since I have some sessions in a row coming up in D.C.,  I figured now was a good time to finally do it! It was pretty hot on Saturday, so we took it easy, but still managed to make it to four different spots with endless options for photo backdrops. I’m SO excited for what this means for my clients!

Georgetown, Washington, D.C., church, oldest church Memorial Bridge, Washington, D.C., bride, Potomac River, sunset, magic hour Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C., sunset, magic hour view, Arlington, VA, sunset, summer sunset, Potomac RiverSunday morning I woke up feeling crappy but decided again to make the most of my day. I skipped yoga for some additional rest, then got ready & made my way to Lusby, MD, for my niece & nephew’s half birthday celebration. Asher & Ava are siblings whose birthdays are four days apart in January. As you may know from previous blog & social media posts, Asher has CDH (google it) and had an unexpected hospital stay this past January over his 1st birthday. To make up for missing his birthday, his parents decided to throw them a joint half birthday party this summer! Brills! Asher & Ava’s mom, Lindsay, their dad, Nick, and Lindsay’s bff (who you will remember from these posts), did a wonderful job planning, decorating, & creating a fun carnival-like atmosphere for all the kids to enjoy! Ava & Asher had a great time & I was so happy to celebrate with them!

Sunday evening I was pretty much focused on one thing: the Game of Thrones season premier! It did not disappoint. Who else is a GoT fan? What did you think of the first ep? Tell me in the comments!

This week on the blog I’m excited to share some photos I’ve been waiting to debut for a couple months (yay!), #weddingwednesday, plus more from my location scouting. Have a great week everyone!

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