Back in Action – Fun Monday

Happy Monday my loves! This may be the least fun of all the Mondays for me, as I’m back in action after being out for a week on a working vacation. I use the term ‘working’ loosely, as taking photos for me rarely feels like work. That’s what happens when you’re living your passion!

I spent six days & nights in the beautiful, warm Dominican Republic. The word ‘warm’ is a double entendre in that I mean the weather was warm but so were the people. I felt like we were wrapped up in a tight hug the entirety of our visit. The feeling of community was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ll definitely be sharing more about that in the coming weeks, so check back for my new series featuring images from our trip.

The weekend started with our trek to the airport in Santo Domingo from Samana [sah-mah-nah] Province where the Dominican Tree House Village is located. We piled in a van with other guests of the Tree House, and wound our way through the mountains & small towns to the southern coast. Three hours of chatting, snacking, & singing to bachata later and we were at the airport, reluctantly saying our goodbyes to group leaders Megan Taylor Morrison & Cat Wood of Dance Adventures.

Luckily some of the group members were on my flights, so we didn’t fully part ways until we landed in D.C. We lunched at the Santo Domingo airport, powered through customs in Miami (where TSA confiscated my recently purchased Mamajuana rum!), & patiently (ha!) awaited our pilots for our flight home when they were an hour & a half late getting to the plane when we were already on board. We arrived in D.C. a little after midnight to much chillier weather than we were used to, & quickly realized we weren’t in Kansas anymore…

Sunday was filled with napping, eating good ol’ American fare, and uploading photos. I can’t wait to start editing & sharing! Check back later this week for the first post in the new Dance Adventures series, depicting day one of our trip!

Have a great week everyone! You can find me here or at because I am back in action! And enjoy these cell phone pics I snapped while in the DR. back in action back in action back in action back in action back in actionback in action back in action back in actionback in action back in action back in action back in action

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