Georgetown Waterfront – Fun Monday

Georgetown waterfront

Georgetown waterfrontHappy week of love y’all! Yes, Valentine’s Day gets a whole week of celebration here at REHP! I’m kicking it off today with a recap of my weekend for today’s Fun Monday post, along with some photos from location scouting I did at the Georgetown waterfront. Continue on to read more about my busy weekend & to see what’s in store for the rest of the week!

What a whirlwind weekend I had! Friday was all #netflixandchill so I could rest up for the busy Saturday & Sunday I had in store. I managed to make it to yoga on Saturday AND Sunday – woot woot! Sunday’s class was the perfect example of how stepping outside your comfort zone can be so rewarding! The only class I could fit into my schedule was a more advanced class I wasn’t sure I was ready for. I signed up anyway since I’m committed to my yoga practice & didn’t want to miss a day. I was super nervous & intimidated, but I was able to keep up & got a great workout! I’m definitely sore today, but that’s OK. It’s all a sign of the fantastic workout I surprised myself with!

I brunched with a friend at Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church Saturday morning. They never disappoint. Their food is amazeballs & kept me fueled for the rest of the day for all the running around I did. From there I zipped over to the Georgetown waterfront to scout locations for a fun shoot I have this week. I brought my boyfriend & pup so we could walk around & enjoy the decent weather. Milli was excited to get in a nice long walk!

Afterwards we went to R.E.I., a place I *rarely* set foot! I had some shopping to do in preparation for my trip to the Dominican Republic next week. I bought the ugliest pair of pants I hope to ever own. Why does practical usually mean ugly? Ugh. But as long as they keep the mosquitoes away while we’re in the jungle I guess I shouldn’t complain!

And yesterday we celebrated my mom’s birthday with house hunting for her & dinner at Four Seasons Grille in Crofton, MD. She had a lovely birthday & has a very exciting year ahead of her!

Coming up this week I’ll be sharing lots of love, starting with my favorite Love Bird photos tomorrow, lots of gorgeous sparkle on Wednesday, & a romantic reveal on Thursday! Check back for your daily does of love this Valentine’s week! <3

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