Profiler – Cutting Edge by Mora

Cutting Edge by Mora

Cutting Edge by MoraY’all, it’s tough to find a good hair stylist in the D.C. area! It baffles the mind. Think about it. People from all over the world come here to live, work, play, pro-create, govern, be diplomatic. You would think you could find plenty of good hair stylists! But in my eleven years living in Arlington & trying probably a dozen different salons & stylists, I have only found ONE that’s suitable. And that’s Cutting Edge by Mora in Arlington, VA.

Normally I would default to the ol’ ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ fallback answer. Maybe it’s just me who’s too picky & that’s why for ten years I hadn’t been able to find a decent stylist anywhere from D.C. to Tysons. But I’ve had friends say the same thing! We are baffled that this problem exists in our area. #firstworldproblems I’m here to tell you though, Cutting Edge by Mora not only does a good job, she does a great job! Woohoo!

Last year when I was laid up with a broken foot, I had plenty of time to dig into this problem & find a solution! I posted a request in the Rising Tide Society Washington, D.C. Facebook group asking for recommendations in the area for great hair stylists. A couple of people mentioned A to Z Hair Studio in Arlington, so I called & got an appointment with Mora. I hauled my cookies out with a broken foot, got my hair did, and never looked back!

A to Z Hair Studio recently decided to go co-op, where their stylists are now in charge of maintaining their own client lists, scheduling their own appointments, & essentially renting space from the salon. This works out really well because I now have a direct line to Mora when I need to make an appointment! No more calling the salon, getting put on hold, phonetically spelling my last name (H E G as in giant…). We text, we schedule, I pay her directly, bada bing, bada boom, dunzo!

Now that Mora is a bonafide business owner, she needed some fresh headshots for her marketing materials & social media pages, and I was happy to oblige! I met her at the hair studio & shot these photos where Mora does her thing! I highly recommend her services & am always happy with my trim, color, & blowouts. You can check out her Facebook here & email her to schedule an appointment today!

Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora Cutting Edge by Mora

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