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Lake Anne

Lake AnneSome weekends call for a little bit of pampering & discovering new places, and that’s what this past weekend had in store for me. I love when I get the chance to work in all of that plus a little R&R and actually have some time off to enjoy my weekend. I’m always taking pictures though, no matter what I’m doing. That’s the one constant – even if it’s with my cell phone!

My word for 2017 is ‘self’, and one way I’ve implemented looking out for myself is to schedule time to do things I really want to do, which I highly encourage everyone to do! For a while – even years I’d say – I’ve been wanting to take yoga classes. I always talked myself out of it, saying I didn’t have time or it was too expensive, but I finally bit the bullet & used some money I was gifted for Christmas to sign up at a local studio. After a super busy fall of running around at photo shoots & editing while sitting on my butt, some good stretching & strength building feels AMAZING!! My body is thanking me already & my mind is grateful I’ve made some time for myself. I kicked off my weekend with an early morning hatha yoga sesh, which set the tone for a great day!

Next it was off to get my hair done at A to Z Hair Studio with Cutting Edge by Mora Naieem. She does a fantastic job & I love how my cut and color turned out! Plus I always like the time I get at the salon to read the latest magazines since I don’t make time to do that otherwise. Mora handed me the February issue of Marie Claire where I read the incredible account of Doaa Al Zamel’s harrowing struggle of being smuggled out of Syria. You can read her story here. And I love that photo of her at the top of the article! It speaks volumes once you’ve read the article…

I got to visit my friend, Alexis, at Lake Anne in Reston, VA, which she has been telling me about for like a year now! I drove out to Reston for nibbles & drinks, and even a short browse through a used book store. If you live in the area, I highly recommend a stop at Lake Anne. It’s super cute with some tasty restaurants. I hear they even have a farmers’ market!

This week on the blog you’ll see Mora’s headshots for Cutting Edge! Check back for those on Wednesday. Have a great week everyone!

Lake Anne Lake Anne Lake Anne Lake Anne Lake Anne Lake Anne

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