Georgetown Family Photos – Montrose Park

georgetown_family_photos-10While I try to count my blessings & recite my gratitude each and every day, this time of year is perfect for taking stock of all we have to be thankful for. This year I had the incredible honor and good fortune to take holiday photos for 25 local families. Typing that brings tears to my eyes! I am so grateful to be able provide these families with memories that will last their lifetime & beyond, especially during such a gorgeous time of year! I captured these Georgetown family photos the last weekend of October & I’m excited to finally be able to share them with you today!

I met up with Julie, her hubs, Adam, and their son, Tyler, at the beautiful Montrose Park to capture their Georgetown family photos. Julie introduced me to this park and I’m so glad I know about this spot now! The park was alive with vibrant autumn colors, dogs running around at games of fetch, and kids playing on the playground. I couldn’t think of a more picturesque spot to take photos for this young, fun family!

Tyler had a great time exploring all the park had to offer – picking up big fruits that had fallen from the trees & sharing them with his mom, climbing up on the carousel like a big boy, and playing in the leaves that had piled on the lawn. What I love about family shoots is we’re able to simultaneously create memories while capturing photos. There’s time to play, interact, bond, laugh, and I love capturing each one of those activities through my lens.

Although I enjoyed the time I spent with this family on the whole, I think my favorite portion of our shoot was at the very end. A lady walked by with a couple tiny dogs on leashes and Tyler was curious enough to wander over to say hi. One of the dogs was curious as well, and perched up on Tyler’s chest to give him a little kiss on the nose. So sweet!

Thank you guys for introducing me to Montrose Park & for being so fun to take photos of!

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