Ellicott City Wedding – Bobby & Towoju

  1. Towoju Paul-Lawal says:

    Thank you so much Rachel!

    You did a great job!

    We love the pictures!


  2. Shay says:

    Such lovely pictures! Great job.

  3. Damilola says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Beautiful pictures! You did a great job of capturing the moments!

  4. Abiola Adekunbi says:

    Awesome couple made from heaven. Lovely pictures. Couple looks radiant., Splendor. ! Good job Rachel

  5. […] love a whirlwind romance for the same reason I love courthouse weddings: the romanticism! There is something irresistibly romantic about being so in love, so enthralled, […]

  6. […] They met through the introductory brochure at the beginning of graduate and law school. Searle was excited to see a fellow classmate was from his home town and reached out to connect thinking it would be good to have a road trip buddy when going home for holidays. They met up for dinner shortly thereafter, and as Searle put it, it was love at first sight! They’ve been inseparable ever since, straight up to last Friday and their Washington, D.C. courthouse wedding! […]

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