Tiny Human – Baby Anna

Being a northern VA newborn photographer, it’s such an honor to be invited into people’s homes to photograph them in their natural habitat, so to speak. Especially during such a special time as after the birth of their brand new baby. The houses are always quiet with an undercurrent of excitement.

Appreciation Picnic – New World Title & Escrow

One thing every successful business has in common is they are grateful for their clients and they show their appreciation whenever they get the chance. One such company is New World Title & Escrow based out of McLean, VA. On Sunday, New World hosted a client appreciation picnic, complete with live music, delish barbecue, personalized gifts, and get this – … Read More

Washington, D.C. Proposal – Kim & Mike

It started in grad school & was cultivated over nights watching the TV show, Archer. It carried into a summer of twice daily long distance phone calls – about as long distance as you can get – Kazakhstan to the Atlanta. It traveled in tandem to Washington, D.C., and developed over sharing a neighborhood, and eventually a home and a … Read More