Profiler – Steve & Tonya’s Annapolis Headshots

Annapolis HeadshotsI usually start out my blog posts describing how & when I met my client and how I got to know them through the course of working with them to plan their photo shoot. So, I’m going to start this post about a recent Annapolis headshots session in a similar way: I met Steve a little over 29 years ago on a cold February day, at Calvert Memorial Hospital in southern Maryland. He was a dark haired, sleepy faced newborn & though I was four, I had just been awarded a new job title: big sister! You guessed it, Steve is my little brother!

I guess I shouldn’t say “little” brother since he’s been taller than me for quite some time now. He’s my younger brother, though far wiser than me in many areas. And I’ll never grow comfortable with calling him Steve (he’s Steven to us), but for the sake of respecting his professional persona, I’m referring to him as Steve here. Steve began working for Exit Preferred Realty in high school and actually ended up earning his real estate license shortly after graduation. He temporarily put that pursuit on hold to finish his college education, attending & graduating from Towson University, but before long was back at it. He reunited with Exit & has been doing an amazing job rehabbing & selling bank owned foreclosed-on homes all over Maryland, while also taking on his own homes to sell.

My younger bro contacted me a few months ago about taking headshots for him and his associate, Tonya, to use for marketing materials. They make quite the team! Steve lives just north of Towson and does a lot of work in Anne Arundel County, so a downtown Annapolis headshots session seemed like the perfect fit. We made it a family affair & brought along our mom & my pup, Milli, and had fun traipsing around DTA!

Special shout out to both Steve & Tonya for rocking this photo session in the sweltering July heat. It was a hot one for this shoot! But they both kept their cool – even in full on suits! – and looked professional & radiant in their photos.

I’m so proud of the great work my ‘little’ brother is doing & I hope these photos take him & Tonya far in their business ventures together!

Annapolis Headshots (4) Annapolis Headshots (5) Annapolis Headshots (7) Annapolis Headshots (13)Annapolis Headshots (6) Annapolis Headshots (1) Annapolis Headshots (14)Annapolis Headshots (9) Annapolis Headshots (8) Annapolis Headshots (3) Annapolis Headshots (2) Annapolis Headshots (11) Annapolis Headshots (10)[Had to include this one b/c it’s FUNNY! 😛 Love you, bro!)

Annapolis Headshots (12) Annapolis Headshots

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