Favorites – Patriotic Photos

I am a total patriot. I just love my country, warts & all. So much so I even chose the Patriots as ‘my’ football team even though I’m from nowhere near New England! haha I think it stems from my having lived in Spain as a child with my family while my stepdad was in the Navy. It was really … Read More

Wedding Day – Ashley & Antonio

You may remember this stylish, romantic, fun couple from last December’s Washington, D.C. Union Station engagement session posts (yes, they’re the powder paint couple!). I met Ashley & Antonio at Maria & Arthur’s wedding in November and have been looking forward to shooting their wedding at Renditions Golf Course in Davidsonville, MD, ever since! Well, this weekend my wait was over: I had the … Read More

Favorites – Summer Photo Inspiration

Am I the only one who feels like screaming from the rooftop, “YES!! YASSSS!!! It’s freakin’ summer time y’all!!!” Yes? Anyone? Well I’m not ashamed. For some reason, summer time makes me feel more alive. Maybe it’s all the vitamin D I’m absorbing from laying out, walking my dog, or wearing less clothing, allowing more of my skin to see … Read More

Tips & Tricks – Summer Photo Shoot Locations

The first day of summer was yesterday. HOORAY! And to celebrate, today I’m going to share with you some on point summer photo shoot locations. While I enjoy all of the seasons for their own reason – autumn’s crisp air & pumpkin everything, winter’s clothes are the best because they let you cover up the extra weight you put on at … Read More

Engagement Session – Fabiola & David

 One of the gifts I like to give my wedding clients is a complimentary engagement session. It’s a great opportunity for me to get to know them as a couple and for us to ‘work’ together prior to the wedding so we all feel comfortable and the betrothed couple feels a little loosened up in front of the camera by … Read More

Why I Photograph Weddings

Fabiola & David | Wedding Photographer Washington DC – Baltimore MD – Northern Virginia

I actually started this post right after the Paris bombings last November, when a series of coordinated terrorist attacks took place around the city. What struck me the most after that nightmare wasn’t the terror the victims felt or the hatred the attackers harbored, for we are all so familiar with those sentiments nowadays, as sick & sad as that … Read More

Tiny Human – Baby Brynn

Some things in life are so special, they must come full circle. That’s what getting to take photos of my high school friend’s baby felt like. Emily & I met in ninth grade and had several classes together through all four years at Northern High. We got to know each other, became friends, had inside jokes, made trouble, avoided trouble, we even … Read More

Tips & Tricks – How to Keep Working While Moving

Let’s keep it real: moving is a nightmare. I’ve moved or helped move many times in my life, but nothing tops my last move two years ago when I was literally breaking out in hives & getting excruciating heartburn from the stress of it all. I was committed to not allowing my most recent move to evoke those types of … Read More

Tiny Human – Baby Aria

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but the added bonus that comes along with shooting newborn sessions is the time I get to spend staring at adorable baby faces while editing the photos. As if spending time with these amazing little bundles isn’t prize enough, I get to relive the magic of their snugglieness for hours while processing. And doing … Read More