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Professional Group Photos Givers gain. That’s the philosophy behind the networking group I’m a member of, BNI. We give referrals & in return, if we’re lucky, and we usually are, we get referrals too. I like to extend this credo past my BNI membership & into my business as a whole. You give of yourself […]

Mother’s Day Photo Gifts A day to celebrate our mothers & our motherhood (if you have tiny humans of your own) is approaching, and I don’t know about you, but the more years I’ve been a daughter, the fewer ideas I have for these holidays each year. I feel like I’ve given all of the […]

Downtown Annapolis Head Shots Photographer What do you do when you accidentally book a photo shoot on a holiday? Do it anyway, that’s what! Meeting up with Lawrence & his fiancé, Jason, at state circle for a downtown Annapolis head shots session added an extra element of celebration to my Easter Sunday. I mean, what better […]

The coveted bokeh. It seems that many Professional, amateur, and Instagram photographers have one overarching goal when taking photos these days, and that is to get as much of a blurred background behind their subjects as possible. I know I love it when I’m able to create that perfect creamy glow in my photographs, so […]

Arlington, VA Head Shots Photographer Taking head shots for these two power houses of Kay Houghton & Associates of Arlington, VA, left me with a huge smile on my face. I just love when the perfect golden hour light, my favorite lens, and two photogenic, energetic clients come together to make my job super easy. And […]

Washington, D.C. Photographer Starting a business can be a lot of things: inspiring, fulfilling, fun, thrilling, scary (OK, terrifying!), enriching, heartbreaking, I could go on & on. I have learned so much, about myself & about business, through the process of becoming a #solopreneur, and I *know* I wouldn’t be where I am today without […]

Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossoms Photographer Peak bloom of the Cherry Blossoms at the Washington, D.C. tidal basin have come & gone, but the photos I was able to capture this year will last a lifetime. The Mocheva family braved the crowds & the 40 degree temperature to meet up with me for family photos, and […]

Washington, D.C. Metro Area Photographer This blog post is for my fellow creatives – people who make a living through creativity, those who enjoy making or designing things because it feeds their soul, or even folks who, for example, want to decorate their house creatively. To do all of these things we need to get […]