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It’s February baby! The month of LOVE!

I’ve never struck myself as a super girly or love-obsessed person, but for some reason, Valentine’s Day has always lit my fire, so to speak – whether I’ve been single or in a relationship. It’s just a sweet, positive day, and I feel like love is literally in the air. I’m definitely in the spirit this February 14th, and your favorite photographer (me, duh!) wants to take care of you on the gift giving front.

I should’ve seen the signs along the way that I was meant to be a photographer, because I’ve very often given photo-related gifts to those I love. I truly believe that photos touch a place in people’s hearts that isn’t accessible by any other means. To see a visual representation of a special occasion or moment, or several photos displayed in a unique way, can mean so much that you aren’t even able to verbalize the sentiment. Your eyes well up and you’re speechless, or you’re immediately saying, “Ohhh! Look at that! Remember that?” Those are the gift-giving moments I live for.

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of those moments where you want to impress LOVE upon the person to whom you’re giving a gift, and nothing does it better, IMHO, than the gift of photography. Of course, I think it would be a GREAT idea to gift someone a photography session for Valentine’s Day – nothing is more romantic! – but today I want to share with you some beautiful, thoughtful gifts for your loved one to turn their photographic memories into tangible, unique keepsakes.

1. Piczzle Photo Puzzle

Valentine's Day GiftsI have actually given this gift to a family member in the past & I have to say, it’s one I would love to get myself! I love this gift idea because it’s three-fold: 1. It’s a thoughtful gift. 2. You get to spend time with the person you love putting together the puzzle – the gift of quality time is always a winner in my book! And 3. When the puzzle is assembled, you can frame it & hang it on the wall! It’s a photo you love + a reminder of the thoughtfulness of your honey as well as the time you spent together assembling it!

2. Artifact Uprising Instagram Book

Valentine's Day Gifts

I love Instagram because it encourages you to capture photos on the fly, in the instant they’re happening. You have your phone with you everywhere & when the mood strikes, you take a picture! How many photos do you have on your Instagram account of you & you’re S.O., or of moments you’ve spent with them? Compile those photos in one special little book. I’ve given this gift myself and my boyfriend was so touched when he peeked back through our memories. You can also add text as needed, so it could be fun to insert song lyrics, a love poem, or quote text messages you’ve sent to each other.

3. Design-a-Mosaic

mediumThis is another gift I can personally attest to. I took some photos of my nephew for Christmas several years ago & one of the gifts I made out of the photos was one of these mosaics. I was able to compile multiple photos of him I took at that time plus many I had taken over the years & include all of them within this mosaic, to make up one comprehensive photo. And that’s just why I love this gift! It’s a way to include all of your photographic memories into one beautiful photo. It’s so meaningful & sweet!

4. Tiny Prints iPhone Case

valentine's day

I’ve seen so many customized phone cases lately, so I feel like this is right on trend! I love this one because it actually says LOVE on it & it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! How sweet would it be to give your S.O. one of these with your favorite wedding, engagement, or anniversary photos on it? Or a photo of your favorite city or a travel spot you’ve visited as a couple. And if you act by today, you can enjoy a discount using the code: VDAY25JAN.

5. Mpix Gifts

I love – it’s where I get all of my prints & recommend them as a printing source to all of my clients. They have so many fun options for photo gifts. Everything from metal keepsake boxes you can fill with prints of you & your bae, personalized playing cards – think of all the fun you can have with those! ;-), to metal or canvas prints. All will be appreciated & end up in exquisite quality by Mpix.

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Good luck picking out your Valentine’s Day gifts! And make sure to order soon so they all arrive on time!

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