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“Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. And mirror what you admire.”

That is the theme for this post.

Ms. Katelyn James had some wise words for the December Rising Tide Society Summit attendees. She suggested that photographers seek out desired shooting locations, places we are dreaming of shooting a wedding, and go there to hang out. Take some friends & shoot some photos. Then blog about it. How brilliant is that! So I make no bones about the fact that I am doing just as Ms. James herself suggested. Today I am reflecting what I desire: I’m sharing photos from one of my desired shooting locations… 

Ever since I saw a friend’s wedding that took place at the Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, posted on Style Me Pretty, I have dreamed of shooting a wedding there. First of all, her wedding styling was perfection – lots of thoughtful, handmade touches; delicate teal & peachy-pink details. But it all fit in so beautifully & stood out against the exposed brick & old town charm of the Hotel Monaco decor. Their website boasts “colonial charm meets modern chic,” & that is the perfect description to encompass the feeling of this very special location situated within the hustle & bustle of King Street.

From seeing the photos of my friend’s wedding, I just adored the spacious center courtyard surrounded by old brick walls, strings of white lights, and paned glass windows & doors. That seemed like the *perfect* place to gaze into your love’s eyes & say your I do’s! I had to see this place for myself, so I decided to ask some of my girlfriends to meet me there one afternoon in January so that I could spend quality time with them while capturing some photos around one of my dream wedding-shooting locations. We met at the restaurant located inside the hotel, Jackson 20, and spent the afternoon & evening sipping cocktails & chowing down on their delicious southern-inspired fare.

I managed to sneak around towards the courtyard with my handy Canon, and caught some photos of the dramatic, red draped hallway, AKA the perfect place for some portraits of a newlywed couple; the sparkling courtyard – can you imagine that place drenched in candlelight?!  And guess what! They were actually setting up for a wedding reception, so I sneaked some pics of the powdery hydrangea centerpieces while I was at it. What a happy coincidence!

Thanks to my girlfriends for indulging me in my location scouting shenanigans! I can’t wait to shoot a wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, one day!

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2 Comments on “Location Scouting – Hotel Monaco, Alexandria, VA”

  1. These pictures turned out great! And you’re so sweet to feature my wedding at Hotel Monaco. I’m so glad it provided inspiration — I agree, that place is SO photogenic! I realize I’m biased, but it really is THE prettiest place in Old Town for a wedding 🙂 The hotel and surrounding streets provide such a wonderful backdrop for photos. Can’t wait to see you shoot for first wedding there.

    1. Thank you! Oh yeah, I had to give a shout-out to my inspiration for this location! Your wedding was beautiful 🙂

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