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Today I am excited to share about a networking group I’m a part of – along with 185,000 other people around the world: B.N.I. – Business Network International. I am a part of a local chapter that meets on a weekly basis to get to know each other, our businesses, and build trust as professionals, so that we’re all comfortable & confident passing referrals around the group. Pretty smart, right?

Dr. Kim Muzinski from Integrative Chiropractic & Natural Medicine told me about the group and hinted on multiple occasions that they were looking for a photographer to join. Hint taken! I attended a couple meetings as a visitor and was pleased to find it to be a completely uplifting, encouraging, positive forum. Everyone was so welcoming, friendly, and on their game with regards to their businesses! When I realized I was ready to get serious about growing my business, I knew this chapter was the right place for me to do so.

Not only have my chapter members offered me quite a number of referrals over the past several months – they have offered so much more! The meetings have offered me the opportunity to work on my elevator speech, think through my business practices, and practice public speaking & of course, networking. I’m so much more comfortable talking to people, which is an integral part of being a business owner. And I’ve learned so much about networking in general! It’s so meaningful to know that people you respect feel comfortable referring business to you because they know you will take good care of their referrals. And I am so happy to have other professionals I trust to refer business to as well.

I can’t say enough what a wonderful resource my B.N.I. chapter & B.N.I. in general has been. I highly encourage other small business owners to get on google & find a meeting near you. You will meet great people, even make some friends, and with the right attitude of ‘givers gain,’ will end up growing your business.

No blog post of mine is complete without some photos, so scroll down to peep the pics I’m sharing at my key note address where I’ll be speaking about Rachel E.H. Photography. Enjoy!

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