Favorites – 2015, Year In Photos

Washington, D.C. Photographer Putting together this year-in-review post was so much fun! And I realized: I became a freakin’ photographer this year! I mean, in my heart I’ve been one for years. In my mind I’ve been one for maybe a couple years. But this year, THIS year, 2015, I became a photographer in reality, in practice, in public, through … Read More

Favorites – Holiday Photos

D.C. Area Photographer Not only is it Christmas week, but my birthday week as well (agh!). Growing up, the holidays were somewhat difficult, having divorced parents and getting shifted around from house to house, or, as was the case for a few years there, country to country. Even when I was in the U.S., we were often visiting relatives a … Read More

Tips & Tricks – Networking

Northern VA Photographer Today I am excited to share about a networking group I’m a part of – along with 185,000 other people around the world: B.N.I. – Business Network International. I am a part of a local chapter that meets on a weekly basis to get to know each other, our businesses, and build trust as professionals, so that … Read More

Family Photos – Arlington, VA

Virginia Family Photographer Capturing memories for families is such an incredible honor. I have been luckily enough to photograph multiple families this autumn and each one was such a unique blend of their own silliness, laughter, and appreciation. My goal during these sessions is to capture their essence as a family, whether across many photos or if I’m lucky, I … Read More

Family Photos – The Olsons

Virginia Family Photographer Having your photo taken can be nerve racking. Especially when someone you’ve never met before is the one with the camera in-hand. I like to tell my clients before our sessions to have fun with it, especially for family photo shoots – foot races, piggy back rides, and twirling contests are alright with me! I want to … Read More