Profiler – Head Shots Round-Up V2.0

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Maryland_Head_Shots_Photos_Annapolis (8)

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on some recent head shot sessions I’d done, and today is head shots round-up v2.0! I love taking head shot photos for people because it’s exciting to think that I’m getting to participate in helping my clients feel empowered to promote themselves and their businesses. Feeling like you’re putting your best face forward can help your confidence immensely, and I’m happy to be a part of that!

First up, my good friend, Erica! She needed some new headshots for her professional social media accounts & wanted to shoot them at a small park in her old stomping grounds of Annapolis, MD. The day started off cold & cloudy, but Erica successfully recreated summer with her bright, cheery (yet professional!) outfit, and soon enough the clouds parted & the sun was shining. We got some great shots at the park and on our walk to lunch at Preserve, and had fun with it to boot!

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Next, is Abbey Ashely. I commented on a thread Abbey posted on the Rising Tide Society FaceBook page requesting local head shots photographers, and she picked me to take the photos for her! I feel like I won a prize! haha Abbey is a virtual assistant located outside Washington, D.C. She enjoys helping small business owners with their administrative tasks so they can focus on growing their business. She is creative and friendly, always seeking new ways to expand business & reach new clients, so if you are in need of a virtual assistant – hit her up! And take a peek at her website. She has helped me with some stuff for my business and has done a great job!

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I want to give a shout out to Glossy by Stacey Hockenbury, who did Abbey’s makeup for her photo shoot. Gorgeous makeup, don’tcha think?!

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