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Maryland Family Photographer


I recently had the privilege of capturing family photos for the McGreers on their beautiful, secluded property in Edgewater, Maryland. Kiersten reached out to me via Instagram (love social media!) to ask if I would take pictures to document this special time in her family when there happens to be four generations alive and well. Kiersten’s grandmother & mother, as well as the rest of the McGreers, have been lucky enough to enjoy this waterfront property for years, as it’s been in their family since 1928. I was happy to be able to capture photos of this lovely family and add to all of the wonderful memories they’ve shared there.

I have to point this out because I love the pun opportunity here: we were in Edgewater, on the edge of the water! HA! We took the photos right on the shore of the Rhode River at sunset on one chilly autumn evening, and the results were just stunning!

Kiersten was smart in the timing of this session, as these photos would make great holiday cards! If you live in the DC metro area & would like to have a professional photographer capture beautiful memories of your family to use on your own personalized holiday cards, you’re in luck! I’m hosting mini-sessions November 21st in Crystal City and still have two time slots available. Contact me for further details & to schedule your mini-session today!

OK, on to the McGreers’ smiling faces 🙂

 IMG_2804 IMG_2869 IMG_2897 IMG_2905 IMG_2994IMG_3061IMG_3023 IMG_3050 IMG_3027 IMG_3006IMG_3092 IMG_3142 IMG_3063IMG_3186 IMG_3200 IMG_3126IMG_3209IMG_3188

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