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In June, I shot the perfect courthouse wedding for my friend Desi & her hubby Camilo. Well, Camilo’s mom, Maria, happens to be engaged right now. She contacted me about taking some engagement photos for her and her fiance, Arthur, and of course, I was thrilled to do this for them!

Maria & Arthur had recently taken a trip to Brookside Gardens in Glenmont, MD, and requested to take their photos there. What a great idea! The park is such a charming and vibrant place, and obviously ideal for photo shoots, so I was super excited to do an engagement session there!

The gardens were still in full, fragrant bloom, so we were lucky to get some beautiful reds, purples, and yellows to complement the bright green foliage around the park. We meandered from spot to spot via the winding walk ways, chatting about their upcoming November nuptials, how they met, and all they have to look forward to, stopping to take pictures here and there. It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an early autumn Sunday evening.

I’m so looking forward to their wedding in just over a month! Enjoy the rest of your engagement, Maria & Arthur!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful and seem to really capture the love between these two people. Great job and congratulations to the prospective newlyweds.

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