Wanderlust – Cape Cod, MA

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Cape_Cod_Boats (2)

You guys. I am in love. Cape Cod has stolen my heart.

I had been to this most picturesque land of eastern coastline before – six years ago to be precise – but was still unprepared for the beauty and majesty I was going to experience on this trip.  My recollection of the Cape was that it was rustic, secluded, and peaceful.  This time it was all of those things and so much more!

After a hectic week prior to vacation, I was looking forward to a little rest & relaxation and that is exactly what Cape Cod is built for!  With a plethora of beaches boasting awe-inspiring, sweeping views; quiet, woodsy back roads; dreamy sunset after dreamy sunset, your soul has no choice but to settle down and find some ease.

My boyfriend, Brian, and I managed to visit ten beaches within six days without even trying that hard, eat our weight in oysters, calamari, and lobstah (hehe), enjoy an indulgent 90 minute couples massage, and catch two sunsets over Cape Cod Bay.  I’d say we definitely experienced the best of what Cape Cod has to offer!

Oh, and I forgot to mention – we took 3,000+ pictures between the two of us.  I was able to spend the week breaking in my brand-spankin’-new Canon 6D and I’m so excited to share with you some of the photos we (“we” being my new camera and I) were able to capture!

If you want to keep up with me on my travels and daily musings, I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram @rachelehphotos!  I shared a few #cellphonepics of these beaches while I was away 🙂

Cape_Cod_Beach (11) Cape_Cod_Beach (12)Cape_Cod_Seashells_Beach Cape_Cod_Sailboat Cape_Cod_Beach (2) Cape_Cod_Beach (5)Cape_Cod_Beach (3) Cape_Cod_Beach (10) Nauset_Cape_Cod_Beach (2) Cape_Cod_Boats (2) Nauset_Cape_Cod_SealsNauset_Cape_Cod_Beach (1)Chatham_Cape_Cod (2)Chatham_Cape_Cod (1)HydrangeaCape_Cod_ProvincetownCape_Cod_Sunset (1)Cape_Cod_Waves (2)Cape_Cod_Sunset (2)Cape_Cod_Waves (3)Cape_Cod_Waves (1)Cape_Cod_Beach (13)Cape_Cod_Beach (14)Cape_Cod_Boats (1)Cape_Cod_LighthouseCape_Cod_Beach (1)Cape_Cod_Beach (9)Cape_Cod_Beach (7)Cape_Cod_Beach (8)Cape_Cod_Beach (6)Cape_Cod_Beach (4)Cape_Cod_Dog_on_the_beach

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