WELCOME to my website, and welcome to my very first post!

I’d love to begin my first blog entry on this, my photography business’s website, by expounding upon two of my favorite Elizabeth Gilbert quotes. This will bring understanding to how this venture came to fruition.

“One must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation.”


This is such an eloquent, beautiful way of expressing an unavoidable truth of the human experience. Yes, we all will transform, whether voluntarily or by necessity. Sometimes the transformation is such a gift, we are able to look back, look at the big picture, and truly count ourselves as one of the lucky ones.

I’m in the middle of one such transformation and this photography business of mine is a major manifestation of it. It was pointed out to me that it is indeed acceptable, nay, completely necessary, to fill your life with activities about which you are passionate. What a concept! I feel most of us, including myself, get caught in a pattern of fulfilling life’s obligations or participating in activities that others have framed as appropriate or necessary; not making passion a priority. Americans are hard workers with their eyes on the prize, the prize usually being money, prestige, success. The missing piece for some of us is realizing there is more than one way to skin a cat! While I’m still focused on making a living for myself (money) and being successful at the ventures I undertake, I have added a few more items to my definition of “the prize”: happiness, peace, feeling impassioned. I can achieve my financial goals & be successful while also being happy, at peace, and impassioned.

One of my passions is photography. I feel at home, at peace, and happy when the camera is to my face or when I’m scanning a scene for something that catches my eye, wanting to capture it through my lens. I feel a great sense of happiness & pride when I am able to provide everlasting visual memories to friends, family, and clients. Why not spend my time, my life, making a living doing something that makes me happy, peaceful, and impassioned? Which brings me to my second EG quote:

“You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.”


Photography is my passport to finding something beautiful within life. And the best part about this is that photography provides a means of capturing beauty so that you can hold on to the emotion and senses that were wrapped into the moment when the picture was snapped, and have a way to relive them for as long as you can gaze at the photo.

My motto is, if a moment is worth remembering, it’s worth remembering beautifully. I strive to find the most visually appealing – beautiful – way of representing the scene before me. I hope what’s pleasing to my eye is pleasing to yours; I want to offer my customers reasonably priced, beautiful images of their irreplaceable memories.

And with that, I embark on this journey and invite you come along with me. Through this blog I will be sharing images & write-ups from recent photo shoots; beauty & memories experienced through my travels; ideas for picturesque photo shoot locations; and useful tips I come across along the way. Check in often for leisurely viewing my images, inspiration, and overall entertainment.


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